Suddenly Seeking Art

In I am... on June 15, 2010 at 8:32 pm

There is a growing trend in the social diaries of London’s ‘jeunesse’ that is hindering the habit of capricious shmoozing and boozing and instead encouraging productive and fruitful mingling at cultural events…. (no really). Leading the way is the Tate’s Young Patron membership program, hosting rather exclusive art-related parties at venues across town such as the Cuckoo club (familiar territory), Shoreditch art galleries (dress quirky) and private Mayfair mansions (have a snoop). The evenings often include gourmet three course dinners, always have the Johnny Walker refreshments flowing and most importantly, they have a purpose.

If you don’t know jack about art, even better– you get to learn something. Your lack of ‘expertise’ can be the source of charming conversation starters for the entire evening, such as, “Why is that awful sculpture worth so much damn money?”

It also turns out that these events are kind-a ideal dating pools!

My oldest friend, ShoeAddict was standing in the buffet line at the members anniversary party and met a young gent who who worked for the New York Times. Just her type; blonde floppy hair, piercing blue eyes and had just finished filming a documentary in Iraq (brains and beauty) he chivalrously offered to hold her cutlery and champagne glass whilst she selected caviar and pomegranate salad. They’ve since been to the theatre (note the continuation of cultural enrichment) and I hope to be head flower girl at their wedding in Seville next summer.

The annual tab for the Tate Young Patrons is similar to a very exclusive nightclub membership, in other words, £1,000 a year. The fee covers all the gourmet meals, endless open bars, entry to desirable places (always includes a guest too) and essentially lands you a brand new social scene– we can get into the dynamics of paying for a social life later on…

The only requirement is that you fit in between a handy age bracket of twenty to forty-somethings only. Is it worth it? Yes! But until I pay off my parking tickets, I’ll stick to being ShoeAddict’s plus one.

For membership enquiries, contact:

Catherine Clark, Tate Young Patrons Manager +44(0) 20 7887 8740

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