Total Seclusion In Style

In I want... on June 15, 2010 at 7:59 pm

Found at the Relais & Chateaux, Ksar Char Bagh, Marrakesh

Marrakesh is no secret. We know this because easyjet had been flying there for several years now. Much like my father, I cannot forget the colours, smells and silhouettes of the North African desert and so I hope to continue to visit. On my previous trip, I was taken by an old friend to a discreet location not ten kilometers from the center of Marrakesh. There, like a mirage in the desert, I discovered the Ksar Char Bagh, the epitome of true seclusion in absolute style.

The opposite of overexaggerated souk-chic, this boutique palace offers a heightened level of sleek and minimalist design while still feeling unmistakably North African. Located on the desert outskirts in the Palmeraie, the French-owned Relais & Chateau imposes an immediate sense of calm with its clean white stone, vast uncluttered indoor spaces and subtle sounds of trickling water from the fantastical Moorish courtyards. I’m a creature of pure contentment amidst the impeccable taste of Nicole and Patrick LeVillair who have demonstrated their instinct for nostalgic design, interiors and furnishing. The Ksar Char Bagh captures the spirit of the desert and soul searching bohemia in a truly luxurious style.


Click on links to shop products:

Large globe, £1395, Marlborough Kilim Chair, £1495 both at Andrew Martin; Banded Vellum Trunk, Boar’s Tusk Photo Frame, both POA at Bentley’s; Tassles, from £9 at Oka; Howard Star Studded Chest of Drawers, £1795 at Andrew Martin; Two Man Hurricane lamp, £115 at Oka; Finca basket, £25.90 at Zara Home; Silver lantern from a selection at India Jane; leather skin rug from £449 at Graham and Green .


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