A Mischievous Midsommer

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It’s that time of year again when my swedish friends (all three of them) begin to disappear back home in preparation for what is simply the biggest party of the year. Midsommer (swedish pronunciation please) is an annual festivity that dates back to pagan times, celebrating the summer solstice, the harvest and fertility. To be less textbook, Midsommer is a great excuse to visit Sweden, attend a fabulous party full of good looking Scandinavians, drink till you drop and oh yes, fornicate like rabbits. Never one to ignore the elephant in the room, I will not be skimming over the fact that this Swedish holiday is based very centrally around the celebration of conception.

My tallest, blondest and unmistakably Swedish darling, SixFootBlonde told me that before the Christians hijacked and abolished many of the traditional rituals of celebration, Swedes would congregate in the fields, get naked and do the dirty to then bury their semen into the ground for ‘good harvest’.

Today, while there is probably still a healthy dose of getting busy during Midsommer, it’s all thankfully behind closed doors of charming traditional cottages by the lake. Stockholm’s fashionable head to a cluster of small, picturesque islands away from the city, the most happening spots being Archipelago and the west coast of Sweden. Private parties from the elaborate to the intimate are thrown throughout the week of the 19th-25th June and if you are fortunate enough to be invited to one (I was devastated to decline SixFootBlonde’s kind invitation with an unjustified string of wimpish excuses) you’ll need to start preparing your partying threshold. SixFootBlonde’s other half and definitely not Swedish, ChelseaAntique says, “you have to remember the Nordic people don’t hold their booze very well. They are however complete lunatics when they drink,” (This coming from the guy that made such a fool of himself on a fifteen-hour bender at last year’s Midsommer party that SixFootBlonde’s mother still looks at him with disdain).

The swedes drink of choice for the festivity is called brännvin– and it’s dangerous stuff. Downing shots of this traditional liquor has been known to remove inhibitions and guarantee the presence of undercover reporters hoping to bag a scandalous scoop on sweden’s socialites. One way to delay the stage of total unconsciousness and soak up the alcohol is to stay near the buffet table and sample the smörgåsbord (selections of cheese, meat and bread) and the Midsommer traditional dish of pickled herring, boiled potatoes, chives and crispbread followed by freshly picked swedish strawberries. As if you won’t be feeling dizzy already, it is customary at the party to dance around a maypole, often rather rudely shaped like a phallus (google it!). Wearing floral reefs in the hair and singing peculiar songs about frogs is not unusual practice at Midsommer either (don’t ask). If I haven’t terrified you by this point, I think you’re ready for a Midsommer party and if you can’t get to one in Sweden, why not try hosting your own here at home. Throw in some blues and yellows, get in the swedish Brannvin, serve a board of fresh cold cuts and happy Midsommer! Try to avoid making any important appointments for the following morning.

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  1. Interesting information .. sounds like scary fun.

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