Yves Saint Laurent: An Exclusive Sneak Peak Inside The Exhibition

In I saw... on June 25, 2010 at 2:45 pm

I deserve a bit of a medal for this blog because there was a strictly no photography policy at the museum and I got myself embarrassingly shooed and told off about five times as I kept snapping away with my iPhone. I had to stop by the Yves Saint Laurent retrospective exhibition in Paris that I had been longing to see– a fantastic ode to perhaps the greatest designer of the 20th century.

What a parade of talent it was both for the late designer himself and the exhibition curators, so beautifully merchandised, Yves Saint Laurent was done justice at this retrospective. Laurent began his fashion career working for Dior and took over after Dior’s death in 1958 as the world’s youngest couturier. In an era when women sporting trousers was an absolute ‘no-no’, Yves was mastering the art of the pant suit for women and revolutionized fashion at the time. To boost our confidence, he focused on giving us “classics”, noticing that men’s fashion was for the most part, unchanging. This, he believed was what enabled men to be more sure of themselves while women were still fighting for equality in an unbalanced society.

Later on he took influence from other periods, cultures and characters sending his models down the runway looking like gypsies and bull fighters (1977), African tribeswomen and safari hunters (early 80s), exotic Moroccan princesses in ‘89 (Yves was raised in North Africa). He sent shock waves throughout the retro movement and spread outrage amongst the conservative society with his provocative and seductive looks.

I did so very much want to take on each and every character of the hundreds of mannequins magnificently aligned in pyramids and up the walls of the Petit Palais museum.

Now if I could just get in touch with someone about bringing back my all-time favourite but now discontinued perfume, In Love Again, I would be a very happy little fashionista.
I left a little note in the suggestions box on my way out. Never know!

The End! x

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