A Sucker for Vintage Cars

In I am... on July 1, 2010 at 3:42 pm

There comes a time in every young person’s life when they have to sell their first car. It’s really quite a poignant affair actually and so I keep avoiding the prospect of doing it. This little pink Nissan Figaro (below) that took my friends and I everywhere, and I mean everywhere, has been sitting in a leafy driveway for almost a year now, unloved and unused.

It almost looks up at me now with sorrowful eyes everytime I pay visits to BillieHoliday, my friend and second family who has kindly given Figgy a home (yes that’s her name) until I can gather the strength to finally sell her.

Cynics enter. Okay so it is just a car. A car has no feelings. In reality it has a lot more to do with what I’m letting go of when I sell that dear old car. Perhaps letting go of what I’ll admit was the time of my life? Or letting go of carefree youth and barely any responsibility. Realizing life is coming. Real life.

So I look on the positive side. To sell means to buy something else right?! What cars might I dream about for the future (and never in my lifetime own)? Personally I have a few automobiles in mind. I was walking to dinner the previous evening and came upon a white Mercedes Pagoda (top left), a car that I have loved ever since I was eight years old when the pretty lady who lived next door hopped into one and drove off looking totally cool. Mercedes in the sixties was producing the best looking vehicles perhaps ever made in my opinion– the Pagodas, the Roadsters and the Gullwings.

In the same evening on my way to dinner, I happened upon the Volkswagen vintage model called the Karmann Ghia, which I’ve seen around town in an array of colours such as silver, red, yellow and white, looking even more beautiful. This was still a very pretty specimen in racing green.

If I was to think about a real showstopper, even though they are very rare to see around London but you do see them sometimes taking a cruise down King’s Road, I would picture a 1957 Ford Thunderbird. Look at this stunning cream-white example I came across. Definitely a chick’s car and definitely, definitely could make me forget about Figgy!


The Chelsea Cruise

If like me, your face really does light up when you see a beautiful vintage car, you may want to dedicate one early summer evening to the Chelsea Cruise in London.

An informal tradition since the seventies, it occurs every last Saturday of the month on the Battersea Bridge from 7.30pm and sees dozens of jaw-dropping vintage belles park up on the side of the road for you to have a browse, talk with the owners and generally just admire.

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