Teenagers taking the lead in the Style Stakes at London’s Wireless Festival

In I spied... on July 5, 2010 at 12:03 pm

I made it out to the wireless festival in London’s Hyde Park yesterday to catch Jay Z and see Lily Allen come out of ‘retirement’ for the day. Looking well in a white jumpsuit, gold earrings and sheer leopard shawl, she seemed very much in love as she giggled and dedicated songs to her boyfriend in the crowd (which I think we all found a bit nauseating).

Allen was secured for the Wireless festival line-up by Jay Z himself, who convinced her to do the gig as a one-off, despite the Brit singer having decided to leave the music industry for a career in television, earlier this year.

The crowd kept its cheers for the master lyricist himself, Jay Z, who didn’t disappoint with renditions of his hits, old and new. I only had one minor complaint to air. When addressing the crowd in between songs, we heard him say a few one-liners that I’m pretty sure I’ve heard him use at various other televised concerts around the world.

“Put your diamonds in the air again, I like how that looked”, he said to his disciples, as we all lifted our hands in the shape of a diamonds (see right). Naturally, a performer’s set is rehearsed and choreographed but coming from the king of hip hop, perhaps it could have been a little more spontaneous and personal, that’s all I’m saying!


Having such large-scale music events in London is a relatively new thing but fast-becoming a staple in the city’s summer line-up. With an entire afternoon to spend at the festival, I took the chance to check out some of the city’s festival fashion– no Wellington boots needed here. For the most part, my style radar wasn’t beeping as much as it would have been at somewhere like Glastonbury. I found the girls dressed like hippies with their bandanas a little predictable and slightly misplaced at a festival in the city. Surprisingly, it was a large group of young teens that won my attention in the style stakes. Not older than sixteen, a jovial mass of incredibly good-looking youngsters suddenly congregated next to my rattan picnic matt and I couldn’t help but look at their outfits with great interest. Short shorts and nautical stripes were the theme of choice, mixed in with pumps or ankle boots and nude colours for an understated but very cool look.

I’ve noticed for several years now that teenagers are becoming so fashion-savvy and the ability to develop a unique style for themselves is becoming ingrained at a much earlier age. I’ll be the first to admit that although I did experiment with fashion at fourteen/ fifteen, I very rarely got it right. Perhaps something to do with the increased exposure of fashion media and affordable high street fashion (a result of Topshop’s world domination)– whatever the reason may be behind the latest generation’s surge of style, it makes me wish I could do my teens all over again. Then again, nothing has stopped me from skipping out of the house in my short shorts yet!

Enjoy my beautifully timed video of my favourite Jay Z song!


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