Men Hate This Season’s Hottest Trend?

In I heard... on July 10, 2010 at 5:48 pm

I introduce IndianaJones to a beautiful young lady sat across from us and he is very impressed. She stands up to go to the ladies room and reveals that she is wearing this summer’s staple trouser, the harem pant. All of a sudden a look of horror spreads across his face. “Why is she wearing that? Those pyjamas! I’m totally put off.”
I’m taken aback. Has he really just brushed off one of the prettiest girls I know in London on the basis that he doesn’t like her harem pants? This is awful news. I’ve been eagerly trawling my weekly fashion magazines for months, admiring all the lovely prints and variations available, only to find that they would go greatly unappreciated by the opposite sex.
I promptly send word for help amongst my blackberry contacts advice panel and my fears are soon confirmed by the majority of male friends branding them, “awful” and “so unsexy”.  I think it was one charming response to an image I sent over of an attractive model wearing harem pants that really put the nail in the coffin for me. Putting it so eloquently, he declared, “They make women look like they have some sort of bone disease. And you can quote me on that.” So there we have it.  Harem pants are not going to attract the opposite sex and will on the contrary, repel men entirely.



But I stubbornly refuse to believe they are universally unsexy. Take ‘Jasmine’ from Disney’s Aladdin for example. She may be a cartoon character, but she was nevertheless, a sexy one. The role of the ‘ethnic princess’ is a character that has undoubtedly featured in stereotypical male fantasies for centuries. It’s no coincidence that these trousers are called harem trousers– certainly they are not intended to be ‘unsexy’.


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For the beach this summer, I ordered a pair of ASOS sheer trousers in white, slit at the side that looked suspiciously like a ‘harem pant’ to me (see right). I remember blushing profusely when Mr. Unexpected walked past me at the beach hut and said with perfect honesty, “I’m digging the pants.” Little did he know I had just taken an embarrassing dive next to the bar caused by the trouser’s highly inconvenient ankle ties, but nevertheless, his compliment won my attention.
Conclusions? Other than the fact that I can’t be trusted to keep my balance, my experience indicates that there is a way to wear harem pants that won’t earn you looks of disdain from the boys. Sheer, chiffon fabric revealing the definition of the legs is key. Best left for the beach, the transparent detail will prevent the opposite sex from imagining that you might be hiding a nappy in your trousers and reassure them that you don’t actually have ‘some sort of bone disease’.
There is however, one last thing to be considered on the matter.

“As long as I like something and I feel confident and comfortable, I’ll wear it,” remarked JustMarried from behind her changing room curtain, trying on a pair of harem pants. Wise and well-dressed, she brought to mind perhaps the most obvious question to the table. Do we really give a toss whether boys ‘get’ fashion?

At least MC Hammer got the memo.

  1. I love this post. I usually wear what I feel comfortable in, and when going to parties I tend to wear something between what will attract the opposite sex and get me compliments from my fashionista girlfriends. Sometimes it’s such a dilemma to wear something trendy and boy-friendly at the same time.

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