5 Fashion Don’ts for Dudes

In I saw... on July 17, 2010 at 12:57 pm

1. Designer Label Overkill
MTV did a huge service to men’s fashion by bringing us Jersey Shore, the reality series following an embarrassing breed of Italian Americans. Thanks to the show, men have finally begun to see the light and veer away from the Ed Hardy counter. The overly tanned and greased up cast members, also known as ‘Guidos’, demonstrated the level of taste required to don an Ed Hardy shirt– and any other piece of clothing branded with an Italian designer label in a stupidly large font size.

2. Short shorts
The only person that wants to see men in this trend is the fashion designer that finds inspiration for their spring/ summer collection by watching little school boys from behind a tree.

3. Socks with Sandals
Either you are advertising the fact that you have a foot fungus or you are trying life out as a Jahovah witness. Repeat after me, thou shalt not wear socks with sandals.


4. Sleeveless shirts
Guns or no guns, this is just not an acceptable fashion choice and heaven forbid we have to see your underarm hair. You can’t really wear a sleeveless shirt and expect to be taken seriously now can you, beefhead?


5. Uggs for Men
Unless you are an Australian shepherd, these are just not acceptable in any way, shape or form. No, you can’t even walk the dog in them.

  1. I AGREE 110%!!!

  2. yesss 100000%

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