I Heart Hervé Chapelier Bags

In I want... on July 28, 2010 at 5:09 pm

I’d say I’ve been collecting Hervé Chapelier bags since my early teens, I cannot leave Paris without falling for yet another colour variation. You may recognise them as the preppy bags adopted by American college girls in the nineties (the Japanese also go crazy for them), but for me, this will always be a quintessentially French accessory.

Manufactured only in France since the seventies out of high resistance nylon, there is nothing particularly fashion forward about these bags– and that’s what I like about them. I’ve grown tired in general of the latest ‘It’ bag to hit the market with too many zips, buckles, tassels and whatever else they want to throw into the design these days. At the risk of sounding like a boring old fashion fart, I love Hervé Chapelier bags for their consistent, uncluttered elegance, edible colour combinations and that ‘throw it in and throw it over your shoulder’ appeal.

Easy to throw in the washing machine and they fold flat for convenient storage

Always recognisable, particularly by their infamous little green labels, Chapelier’s are the perfect tote for work, shopping, at the beach or travelling. They have something instantly chic about them that will dress up even a track suit on the way home from the gym. As you grow up, fashion starts to become about what makes you feel happy rather than about following high fashion. I’ve found myself reverting back to the little things that remind me of where I came from. Next time you’re in Paris, take a turn towards Saint-Sulpice from Saint Germain des Prés to find the brand’s flagship store. You’ll get lost in the colour choices and size variations but will no doubt leave with one of these style collector’s items.

This was my most recent addition to the Messy Nessy collection 🙂


Click to find your nearest stockist here



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