Things that Make Men Do a Double Take

In I spied... on August 16, 2010 at 4:38 am

(Even if We’d Rather They Didn’t…)

Well if I paid forty bucks for it, I better hope someone notices or I’ve clearly just wasted my money…

They were looking at our rack and then noticed what it said.

Business boys in their off-duty suede loafers were giving my scruffy appearance a second chance when I picked up this particular publication on Sunday morning. I even scored an invite to a film premiere while waiting in line for my Tchai Tea Latte, simply because I looked “adorable carrying my FT.” Mildly flattered but more offended by the obvious chauvinist connotation underlying his compliment, I had to politely decline. The Economist or Newsweek may have similar side effects.

Do I need to explain this one? Be wary of who’s watching when you take that first bite. I’ve caught one too many unwelcome stares out of the corner of my eye and eventually stopped eating bananas in public altogether.

There’s no other reason we spray it. Basic animal instinct.

It says just two things: “I just got out of my boyfriend’s bed and I still smell of him”. Sexy or not sexy?


(and we’re keeping forever)


1. Aviator Jackets

Jacket by Asos


2. Watches they had when they were Teenagers

Casio Watch Available at


3. The Classic White T-Shirt

Top Right- Asos, Bottom right- American Apparell, Bottom Centre- Nation LTD


4. Converse

All models available at


5. Panama Hats

Emanuel Ungaro SS 09


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