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Imagine a truly unique cinematic experience. Now scrap that image because it’s nothing compared to this one. A derelict central London petrol station on the Clerkenwell Road has been taken over by a group of young, inspirational architects and revived into a hand-crafted, pop-up cinema. They’ve called it Cineroleum (cinema-petroleum, get it?).

Kick-started by a mere £2,500 grant from Ideas Tap (a film and theatre fundraising network), constructed using donated or salvaged materials and designed to capture the spirit of golden-age cinema, this truly unique project is galvanizing a forgotten sense of ceremony that movie night really deserves.

Left, the team's first onsite meeting; Right, construction underway

From the 20th August to the 12th of September, Cineroleum will be playing off-beat classics at sundown such as Rebel Without A Cause, Barbarella, The Long Goodnight and Night of the Living Dead. All the familiar comforts of cinema will be present, from the traditional flip-down seats, (individually hand-crafted), to popcorn and old-fashioned paper tickets.

At just £5 a pop– half the price of much less memorable evening at the local multiplex, all proceeds will go to building future Cineroleums. There are currently over 4,000 derelict petrol stations in the UK. This pilot project hopes to become a permanent venture with a most noble mission of transforming sad and unused spaces into sought-after  cultural venues.

Be on top of booking your Cineroleum tickets, the first three showings are already sold out!

Tickets for subsequent weekends will be released on the stated dates below

Cineroleum Listings

Friday 20th August: Rebel Without a Cause (SOLD OUT)

Saturday 21st August: Barbarella (SOLD OUT)

Sunday 22nd August: D.O.A. (SOLD OUT)

Thursday 26th August: Buster Keaton Shorts (Tickets on sale 20th August)

Friday 27th August: Duel (Tickets on sale 20th August)

Saturday 28th August: Alphaville (Tickets on sale 20th August)

Sunday 29th August: The Long Goodbye (Tickets on sale 20th August)

Thursday 2nd September: The Band Wagon (Tickets on sale 26th August)

Friday 3rd September: Night of The Living Dead (Tickets on sale 26th August)

Saturday 4th September: B Movie Night (Tickets on sale 26th August)

Sunday 5th September: M (Tickets on sale 26th August)

Thursday 9th September: Delicatessen (Tickets on sale 2nd September)

Friday 10th September: Badlands (Tickets on sale 2nd September)

Saturday 11th September: Metropolis (Tickets on sale 2nd September)

Sunday 12th September: The Third Man (Tickets on sale 2nd September)

Martin Sheen and Sissy Spaceck in Badlands

For more information visit the Cineroleum Website


Messy Nessy’s Top Five Cinema

Recommendations for the Perfect Movie Night

The Everyman Hampstead

Click to be directed to the cinema’s website

1. The Everyman Cinema in Hampstead

2. The Aubin Cinema @ Shoreditch House

3. The Coronet in Notting Hill

4. The Portobello Pop-up

5. Lexi Outdoor Cinema

The Coronet


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