The Art of the Carré

In I spied... on August 18, 2010 at 5:28 am

Scarves are like jewellery to a Frenchwoman. All year round we practice the art of scarf-wearing to the point where it becomes obnoxious. If you can drape it, we want it. Naturally, I was drawn to this very clever advertising campaign by Hermes, celebrating its most signature product, the silk ‘carré’.
From four fashion capitals, the brand has chosen a set of young women to demonstrate the different ways in which they like to wear their scarves. The charming new website introduces us to each of the girls who allow us a peek into their stylish little lives. When asked what they do, they reply with various answers such as acting, filmmaking, DJing or as Anna from London amusingly replies, “I ask myself this everyday”. Ella from Paris (pictured above) shares perhaps a little too much information when she says, “I drink red wine, eat croissants and make love while listening to Edith Piaf” (yes, I’m rolling my eyes for you). When it comes to winning in the scarf style stakes, my initial guess would have been that our eager little Parisian would have been in the clear but I was seriously impressed by all the girls, particularly the New Yorkers. Who do you think wears the carré best?





Experience J’aime Mon Carré Here

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