Fashion News Round-up

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British High Street Fashion Reaching New Heights

The first vertical catwalk launched the High Street Fashion Week in London's Oxford Street this week

Oxford Street has been named as the world’s favourite high street for affordable fashion. A survey conducted by industry magazine, Drapers, revealed that Oxford Street beat out other famous high street’s around the world such as New York’s Fifth Avenue and the Champs-Elysees in Paris, winning on attributes such as number of brands, affordability, “translating catwalk to shopfloor” and designer collaborations. The accolade comes just as High Street Fashion Week kicks off it’s second year in London in the prelude to the official London Fashion Week. Retail guru Jeff Banks insists a fashion week dedicated to the high street is absolutely necessary. He says, “I don’t think the event goes far enough. I’ve been advocating this for years. London Fashion Week is a puff of smoke. Only 10 or so names who show there are serious businesses. It’s about time we got real and did what we are good at.” Retailers in Oxford Street are predicting a £140million boost in sales in the first full week in September. That will be MessyNessy splurging on the new in store winter collections.


Kate Moss: Has She Lost Her Edge?

So we’ve all heard by now that Kate Moss for Topshop will be no longer as of next season. Media has been speculating that Moss was fired by Sir Phillip Green after rumours of a fall out, however following an exclusive phone call to Grazia magazine, the Topshop boss has set the record straight.

“About two or three months ago, we came to the decision that the collaboration had lost its edge, and we’d lost what our purpose was. It’s different now to when we started and probably became too overloaded. It wasn’t working. We all go too bogged down. We were trying to produce these big collections, but it was too difficult and we needed a rethink. We discussed it and decided this was the wat to go. It isn’t a split. There are two or three very special projects we have in mind, which we will do as and when. They have to be unique, special and they have to have her stamp on them”

So there we have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. If I was to give my two cents here, I would say that amongst the rails of fashion in Topshop stores, the Kate Moss brand simply does not stand out anymore. While Kate Moss will always be a fashion icon, British fashion has surpassed her signature boho chic look and is now delving into a phase of grittier, awkward and rebellious fashion, brought to us by younger, fresher and even more effortless trendsetters. Could it be, that Kate Moss might just be going out of fashion…?


The Fashion Industry Honors Victoria Beckham

As easy as it is to poke fun at Beckham, I have a soft spot for her ever since I dressed up as ‘Posh Spice’ and performed “Wannabe” for a primary school assembly. Victoria Beckham was shortlisted for her first British Fashion Council Award this week for the designer brand award. The transformation from fake-tanned footballer’s wife to respected British fashion designer is complete. She faces stiff competition in her category with the likes of Burberry, Mulberry and Pringle also nominated. Nevertheless, with those brands having been established as early as 1851, her nomination reflects the impact the label has had over the past year and the fashion industry’s willingness to embrace that.  I’ll be rooting for her at the ceremony on December 7th.


Patrick Cox Heats Up the Fashion Food Trend

According the The Financial Times, “mixing food and fashion is a trend that appears to be an instant way to extend a brand’s reach, without cheapening the core product. You no longer have to buy that £450 pair of shoes to be a part of a particular designer’s world: depending on your budget, you can splurge £3.50 on a cupcake or £50 on dinner while still buying into the luxury brand”.

The latest designer to make the transition from catwalk to catering, Patrick Cox has opened a chic boutique bakery called Cox Cookies & Cake. The boudoir style patisserie decorated with black marble floors, neon lights and Tracy Enim art, is also neighbour to a Soho sex shop. You wouldn’t expect much less from the man who made his name with avant-garde creations for Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano. The cakes on sale are far from traditional tea time cupcakes, decorated with skulls, Andy Warhol images and huge red lips. Cox joins a troupe of fashion names such as Anya Hindmarch (her Pret-a-Pour Tea biscuits at the Berkely Hotel), Ralph Lauren (his beautiful brasserie at the new flagship store in Paris), Missoni (Cucina Missoni in Edinburgh and soon to be opening in Kuwait), Nicole Farhi (202, the Notting Hill restaurant), Armani (Armani Cafe above store in London, his eight restaurants at the Armani Hotel in Dubai and the Armani Dolci sweet shops) and Agent Provocateur (Cocomaya, London-based chocolate and patisserie shops). I wonder who will be next?

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