How To Survive the Military Boot Trend

In I tried... on September 10, 2010 at 7:09 am

Has everyone noticed that one of this season’s most prominent trends is all about dressing like a hell-raising teenager? Myself included, we are all helping Doc Martens sales figures to go through the roof. The trend takes inspiration from two cultures. One is the 80s mod/ punk/ skinhead scene (as seen on Channel 4’s newest spin-off series, This is England ’86) and the other is the grunge phase of the 90s, best embodied in the 1995 American teen-flick, Empire Records (above).


Award-winning Brit-Flick about a gang of skinheads who adopted a very distinctive mod culture style of dress


Both inspirations feature the military boot styled with plenty of plaid, short skirts, skin-tight jeans with rolled up cuffs, flight jackets and more or less anything that makes you look like you’re ready for a youth riot. The 2010 version of the trend is about being slightly softer however, less full-on grunge and somehow making the military boot look as feminine as possible.

Alas! Sporting this trend, I’ve come across a few problems…

Problem #1: I’m no longer welcome for tea at the Ritz– but I think that’s pretty much the idea behind the trend. So I guess carrying spare ballerina flats in my purse is technically cheating.

Solution: Stick to socializing in areas such as Camden, Shoreditch and Notting Hill (at a stretch), where dressing like a hell-raising teenager can only get you ahead in life. Say goodbye to the posh night spots of Mayfair and Chelsea– it’s either them or the Doc Martens, who’s side are you on?

Problem #2: Putting together an outfit to compliment your military boots without looking too butch can take longer than usual when getting dressed in the morning. I find myself having to check back in the mirror at least three or four times before I leave the house to ensure that I’m not a short-spikey-haircut away from changing my sexuality entirely.

Solution: You need to show proof that you still have some femininity about you. Contrast the boots with some  pretty lace or a flowery print, cutesy jewellery and slap on some mascara to lengthen lashes (which you will need to flutter several times before a guy can be sure you’re not swinging the other way). Grooming is ironically very important with this year’s updated grunge trend. It’s not about tipping over the edge to end up looking like a total scruffbag– there’s no reason to appear stingy on the soap and water. Keep nails manicured, hair brushed and don’t recycle tights when they get a ladder this winter. Think rebel without a cause, not rebel without a sponge.

Problem # 3) Don’t plan to be making any swift getaways in these boots. If you’re rushing around town, probably best not to do it with lead weights attached to your feet.

Solution: Never run in military boots, adopt a carefree stride and expect to be fashionably late for pretty much everything you do.

Five Ways To Wear The Military Boot Trend

(à la Messy Nessy)



Which Celebs are Wearing Doc Martens?

Agyness Deyn mixes boyish chic with her white Doc Martens…


Jessica Alba can’t get enough of her red Doc Martens, pairing them with skinny jeans to show off he curves and adding some pretty floral print…


Whitney Port goes top heavy with vintage fur to balance out her floral Doc Martens…


Pixie Geldof stays close to the punk era with her acid wash denim and higher ankle-length style boot



The End x


  1. Im about to go into my closet at my parents house and pull out my old Doc Martens! Thank god Im a hoarder and hate to throw clothing/shoes away! xox

    • what colour are they? I want so many different colours I’m just trying not to tempt myself. Have you also seen the Chelsea boot? Doc Marten also specializes in them, they’ll look super hot with a little skirt and some tights in the winter (I saw them on a girl with those faux hold-up tights, they looked suuuuper cute). mish you x

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