How to Make Models Look Ugly

In I spied... on September 20, 2010 at 8:01 am

London Fashion Week Part One

There’s a saying about putting models in a brown paper bag and they’ll still look good. This year at London Fashion Week, I think certain designers may have taken this term too literally. Why designers spend so much of their show budgets hiring models, only to ‘uglify’ them with ridiculous styling and unfortunate make-up… well, yes, it’s beyond me. I may sound like a fashion party-pooper but someone has to state the obvious…


Better off in a Brown Paper Bag…

Louise Grey

Clown chic?


Fashion Fringe

You wouldn’t be pleased either…


John Rocha

Selling point: You won’t actually be able to see how you look in the mirror


Charles Anastase

Whatever you do, don’t like into her eyes... yikes!


Topshop Unique

Those guys at Topshop have the best sense of humour.



I obviously need some sleep, that’s why I’m wearing my bed sheets…duhh


Backstage Beauty Blunders

Maria Francesa Pepe ss11

This season’s hottest new eyeshadow or swine flu?


Basso & Brooke ss10

I nearly drowned in the pool just now…


Unique aw10

Someone feed the yak.



Designers That Got it Right…

(by choosing not to send their models down the runway looking half-dead, addicted to unmentionable substances or styled for Halloween)

Maria Grachvogel

Simple, classic, comfortable with an unexpected quirky colour mix…


Pretty lace, nothing too out of the ordinary here. Maybe even too ordinary for Fashion Week but the buyers will order in bulk.

Paul Costello

Very wearable dress, a splash of colour on the lips, hair not too distracting from the clothes– a designer that wants to make some sales!

House of Holland

Minus the silly accessories, we love the colours and the pleats.

Twenty 8 Twelve

Nice to see a fresh face…


Coming in Part Two:

Messy Nessy snaps the best and the worst of the Fashion Week attendees…

Photos: Fashion Week Daily

  1. Swine Flu! Hah! Love it.

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