The Latest ‘Less-than-Desirable’ Kate Moss Collaboration

In I spied... on September 29, 2010 at 11:41 pm

Life after Topshop and Kate Moss has teamed up with French accessories brand to design luggage and handbags. Now when I say Mossy is designing, well– I just don’t really mean it. Sure, since Sir Phillip Green decided he apparently didn’t need her collection anymore, Kate sat on a couch with a lady from the Longchamp team to pick out some colours and approve some buckles. But let’s not pretend we’re talking about bags which boast the placement of each stitch having been single-handedly masterminded by Moss.

In fact, I see a slightly warped version of what the traditionally preppy brand thinks is the “Kate Moss style” (cue the cheesy Beach Boys-style attempt at rock’n’roll for the campaign’s background music). I also came across an unfamiliar Kate in the behind-the-scenes footage for the collaboration– a Kate Moss that I don’t particularly want to buy handbags from. As she grabs a finished prototype of a (rather tacky) zebra print weekend bag from her collection, Moss gawks with repeatedly unattractive facial expressions and in her raspy smoker’s voice, shrieks with over-the-top praise for the bag in front of the creative design team that looks as if they might wet themselves with relief.

The awkward scene reminded me why Kate Moss (holding a glass of wine for a good fraction of the video) should never give interviews. As soon as she opens her mouth, the glamour and elegance farts away like a deflating balloon. It also became quite clear that this was the first time Moss had laid eyes on the bag and was filmed trying on several other bags which were quite obviously new to her eyes too.

Nevertheless, Kate seemed quite content to brand the product with her name as long as “it’s done the way I do it”. I may have been naïve enough to imagine that Kate had more input than just the colour preference for her coveted Topshop collections that I so heavily invested in (season after season), but there is no doubt that whoever designed those collections did indeed capture the spirit of Kate Moss’ iconic style. I can’t say the same about her Longchamp collection sadly.

We’re given mere hints of the mysterious rock’n’roll/ hippie chic Kate that we know and love, but left with an unfortunately bland and tacky selection of bags for the most part. Both parties in the collaboration have veered away from their signature style for the project with rather disappointing results.

MessyNessy reported recently on the recent murmurs surfacing in the industry since Kate’s split with Topshop that she might be losing her edge. Clutching one of the tan weekend bags, she says, “I’d buy one of those for sure” (spoken like a true designer). Good thing she’ll be provided with one for free in every colour! But I can’t help but think, surely in all her years of modelling for the world’s top designers, Kate Moss has been influenced by more original and rare designs than a tan leather carry-on? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good classic and I own several pieces from Longchamp’s signature luggage range. But Kate Moss for Longchamp? Nope, sorry, I’m just not buying it. Pun intended.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video for the collaboration & see what you make of it…

Click here to browse the full collection. Would you buy it?


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