The CHANEL Models: Off-Duty StreetStyle

In I spied... on October 7, 2010 at 6:35 am


The backstage door is where it’s really at! Unfortunately I can’t be two places at once (when the MessyNessyChic empire grows, naturally, I’ll have photographers stationed at every post ;)) so when I had finished snapping the streetstyle at the front entrance of the CHANEL show (see previous post: The Good, the Bad and the Funny of Paris Fashion Week), I whizzed round to the backstage door to await the models after the show.

They all seemed to be loving their fur, scuffed biker boots and ofcourse the token CHANEL bags. Oh and black is also the colour du jour! A part from a few girls needing a sandwich or two, most of them have pretty interesting style.

Albeit a style certainly unique to models…

Above, Jacquetta Wheeler

Above, Victoria Secret model, Isabelli Fontana

Collar bones are looking just a liiiittle too skinny for my liking…

Nice plump cheeks! That’s better 😉

Above, Vintage supermodel! Still getting work…

Above, Michael Kors, Victoria Secret model, Carmen Kass

Above, American top model Erin Wasson – don’t try this look at home kids…

Images by MessyNessy


GRANNY STYLE : Thought Your Granny Couldn’t Be Fashionable Today?

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Stay tuned…

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