Paris StreetChic at FIAC

In I spied... on October 25, 2010 at 6:11 am

You didn’t really expect me to go to the Paris art fair and pay more attention to the art than to what people were wearing did you? Fashion Week is over and now it’s time to see what everyone’s really wearing in day-to-day Paris. Fret not art oglers! For I will  follow up in tomorrow’s post with MessyNessy‘s Top Ten Sexiest Art Buys if you had cash to burn from the the FIAC* exhibition [*the annual Paris equivalent of London’s Frieze Art Fair]. But as we’re looking at fashion today, before you begin scrolling, I’ll  briefly note down that I’ve seen a serious taking to traditional countryside gear from tweed to wax jackets to winter fedoras; 30s jazz brogues are still very much present; comfort with good fabrics is important and overall a classic throwback vibe is what everyone seems to be feeling when they get dressed in the morning. Happy scrolling readers x.







Coming next..

Messy Nessy’s Top Ten Sexiest Art Buys


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