Top 10 “Sexiest” Art Buys at FIAC, Paris

In I saw... on October 26, 2010 at 1:42 pm

If You Have the Cash to Burn

As promised, I’m following up my Street Chic post from FIAC* [*the Parisian equivalent to London’s Frieze Art Fair], with my favourite picks from the exhibition and where I would envisage them in the home. I left out the ‘over the top’ and abstract pieces and chose what was pleasing to my eye. Perhaps you might agree with a few…

The Living Room Conversation Starter

By Ida Tursic & Wilfriend Mille (painting)



Sweet Nothings to Light Up Your Little Studio

Neon Lighting by Tracy Enim


Hanging in the Hallway of my Shabby Chic Apartment

“Faezeh” by Shirin Neshat



On the Wall of My Minimally Decorated Loft

“Monument” by Christian Boltanski


For the Seventies Retro Den

“Hollow Body” by Steven Shearer

Photolaminate, Acrylic on canvas


The Politician’s Bachelor Pad

“August 6th, 1945” by Matthew Day Jackson

Scorched wood, found and painted wood, lead and stainless steel



The Garden Centrepiece

“Mother and Child” by Sigalit Landau

Bicycles and salt from the dead sea (I’m not too sure this would actually hold up in the outdoors in that case!)


Literature Lover

“The Complete Poems” by  David Hominal



The Consumer Exhibitionist

“Untitled (GB Self Caisse)”, 2010, by Gabriel Kuri

Hand woven wool tapestry


Quick & easy post, hope it inspires you to fill your home with some unusual art 🙂



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