I’ll Take One in Every Colour

In I want... on November 14, 2010 at 11:06 am

The Velvet Slipper

Sometimes, a shoe comes along that steals your heart. I never really cared about my shoes. Really. I was never known as the girl with the great shoes. But now, I’m the girl with the velvet slippers. Yup, that’s me, sticking my burgundy fleur-de-lis toes into the shot above. Next to me is fellow fashion blogger, Al Moda. She likes my shoes (I like hers too). But let me just say it. Everyone likes my shoes.

From folks of my grandparents’ age to the innately  fashionable jeunesse of Paris, my velvet slippers have proved to be a hit with the masses. I can’t help but notice the double takes, the heads cocked slightly to the side as they focus in on my feet, pleasantly admiring the soft plum velvet, thinking about how much a pair of shoes like this must cost. What I enjoy most about wearing them are those moments when I get to excitedly blurt out the fact that my regal kicks, reminiscent of Winston Churchill chic, cost me no more than £60 at my favourite high-street shoe retailer this year, Office. “That’s right, high street“, I repeat as their eyes widen.


Olivia Palermo sporting her velvet slippers


Left model Natalia Vladionova pairs her slippers with harem pants and Style Bubble blogger turns up her trousers to show off her lovely embroidered pair from Crockett & Jones

I’ve almost completely eradicated high heels from my winter wardrobe this season in favour of velvet slipper flats to dress up my evening outfits. They’re more elegant than most 6-inch platforms anyway and I take great pleasure in annoying my girlfriends, skipping circles around them in their wobbly heels as we wonder home from the bars in the early hours of the morning.


Love magazine editor, Phoebe Arnold dares to wear hers with socks and brocade trousers. She rocks it.

As lucky as I was to find a very reasonably priced ladies pair for myself, I’m now on a very dedicated search for a certain Parisian in the 6th who’s been harboring some serious shoe envy ever since I delicately perched my velvet slipper upon the foot rest of his moped. The men’s version, have been admittedly less obvious to find at such a steal. I suspect the reason for this is because the velvet slipper has traditionally, always been an elite men’s shoe, en vogue since the 1930s, once reserved for black tie affairs and silk socks and then during the Great Depression when men paired them with more casual attire, a sentiment to the dire economic situation of the time. This shoe still very much belongs to the fine tailors of Jermyn Street where they have been handmade using the finest leathers, velvets and satin quilts using traditional established methods to the highest standards.

A shoe coveted by all ages

Casual or eveningwear

Enter Al Moda. The go-to girl for all my fashion flurries listens to my plight and casually utters two little words, “Del Toro”. Let your secretly-preppy little hearts go a  flutter as you browse through this gem of a fashion find. Del Toro was started by three boarding-school preppies friends who couldn’t find reasonably priced velvet slippers on which to embroider their school emblem in time for graduation– and so, they decided to make a company that would.

While the price of Del Toro slippers after factoring in shipping costs to Europe no longer sit so close to the high street bargain price I nabbed mine for, the eye-watering colours, materials and emblems that this online shoe company offers makes an order absolutely necessary. I’m quite sure Father Christmas would agree, don’t you?


Also available at reasonable prices for men here…. (click to shop)



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