Giving in to Gloves

In I want... on November 29, 2010 at 6:36 am

Noir Half Palm Glove

Every year, there comes a moment of realization when winter hits us like a ton of bricks and everybody starts saying, “I need gloves”. As if we didn’t know it was coming, abruptly, we find ourselves in sub-zero temperatures, wondering why on earth we haven’t bought any yet. Typically, last year’s pair always goes missing around February when our minds start to think about Spring and less about remembering to pick up our gloves from the restaurant table. So here we are, temperatures plummeting, fingers turning blue. What time is it? Glove-shopping time!

Looking for gloves that actually flatters your hand?

Above you’ll notice the beautiful future bride to be of Prince Albert of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock wearing a pair of cutaway gloves along with her incredibly chic ensemble that would make Grace Kelly herself proud. While keeping your fingers warm (the most important part), this style of glove is still incredibly flattering, elegant on the hand and much easier to quickly take on and off.

Agnelle, €75 (click to shop)

Splash-out: Causse 'Grace' Gloves, £320 (click to shop)

Sex and the City's Carrie sporting the trend

Aspinal of London, £45 (click to shop)

Topshop, £16 (click to shop)

Causse 'Ivanna' Glove, £355 (click to shop)

Juicy Couture, $75 (click to shop)

Because you can’t use a touch screen iPhone without fingerless gloves this winter!

(Reindeer gloves pictured above available instore only at Topshop)

ASOS, £36 (click to shop)

Splurge: Irfé Princess Gloves, £415 (click if you’re lucky enough to shop)

Topshop Crochet palm warmers, £12 (click to shop)

Missoni Knitted Mohairs! £100 (click to shop)

Lusso London, Long Dark Green Wool Gloves with Leather Elbow Patch, £48 (click to shop)

Black's Cotton and Tobacco Deerskin Driving Glove with Strap, £57 (click to shop)

Jaeger Knitted Trim Glove, £65 (click to shop)

Black's Chamois Deerskin Driving Gloves, £57 (click to shop)

Ugg Knit And Leather Gloves, £45 (click to shop)

Aspinal of London Brown Pebble Calf, £89 (click to shop)

Jekel Brown Mohican, €55 (click to shop)


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