Good Guys vs. Bad Boys: The Gift Guide

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Under 100 Bucks

I‘m basing my men’s gift guide on that age old dilemma that girls face when it comes to boys; good guys vs. bad boys. While the ideal guy is probably a bit of both, these two stereotypes make deciding on his Christmas gift just that little bit easier!

What kind of man are you buying for…?

He likes to wear his trousers around his waist, not around his ass…

American Apparel Belts from £27 ( a staple in any preppy’s closet)

He reads The Economist while sipping on espresso

Stainless steel, mirror polished and heat resistant glass Mocha Cups by Alessi, £65

His dinner jacket is simply incomplete without one…

Paisley Pocket Square by Ralph Lauren, available instore from £70

He sticks to the classics…

Colonia Eau de Cologne, Shower Gel, Shaving Cream Gift Set by Acqua di Parma, £72 from Space NK

He takes after his father…

Paul Smith Shoe Tree, £60

Quality is top priority

Hand-crafted Slim Card Holder, £85 by Bill Amberg

He doesn’t sit down for breakfast in his underwear…

Cotton Terry Kimono Robe, £75 by Ralph Lauren

He has an inner-geek…

Seletti Office Golf Set, £39 from the Conran Shop


His kicks are just about the only truly clean things in his closet…

Paul Smith Leather Trainers, £100

He’s just a bit rock’n’roll…

Vintage Vinyl Coasters – LEARN HOW TO MAKE THEM HERE

He can be a bit of a moody boy…

Seletti Leather Punchbag, £80 from the Conran Shop

He can’t sit still for very long…

Renewal Metal Frame Military Rucksack, £17.99 Urban Outfitters

Born to be wild…

Nannini Italian Goggles, 87 Euros

He’s a sucker for vintage automobiles..

Car Doormat, £16 from Urban Outfitters

For acting like he’s too cool for Christmas… Sometimes, he needs to be taught a lesson…

Suprising Mug, £8 from Urban Outfitters

He needs hang-over food… NOW

2 in 1 Toaster & Egg Cooker around £50



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