Ten of the Best Things about 2010

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1. Making Fun of Hipsters

(Even though we all have something in common with that Youtube video)

‘Hipster’ became mainstream in 2010… whether you liked it or not.

And then one day… someone wrote a song about it..

And suddenly, the fear of looking too hipster when getting dressed in the morning became very real...

In case you’ve been living on planet Mars for the last six months, behold the infamous Youtube tribute to hipster fashion.

2. Blake Lively vs. Leighton Meester

(The Year of the Gossip Girls)

Who’s better looking? That might just be one of the trickiest questions of 2010. But without a doubt, these two breakout Gossip Girl actresses transgressed into bonafied Hollywood starlets this year.

Having made more red carpet appearances and magazine covers in 2010 than we had square meals, both will reportedly front major fashion campaigns next year (Blake as the new face of Chanel and Leighton to model for Missoni).

Meester was a very busy lady, landing a heavy-duty supporting role in the anticipated drama, Country Strong, alongside Gwyneth Paltrow and also tried her hand at a singing career earlier this year.

Having appeared on the cover of VOGUE twice at only 23 years of age, Blake Lively is being given a fast-track ticket to superstardom by a her very own fairy godmother, powerhouse editor Anna Wintour.

3. Androgynous Style

Androgynous Trendsetters of 2010: Coco Sumner, left, Alexa Chung, right

Brogues, aviator jackets, military boots and schoolboy chic; we couldn’t stop dressing like the boys in 2010..

Meanwhile the fashion industry experimented with androgynous and transgender supermodels

4. The Hipstamatic iPhone App

This wonderful little application which essentially makes a picture of dog poop look edgy and retro, made it difficult to take photographs in any other way this year…

The hipstamatic app spread like wild fire and soon appeared on Facebook albums and yup, you guessed it, on MessyNessyChic (I confess to being a bit of a dickhead hipster at times).


5. Lady Gaga’s Sunglasses

It really has been a pleasure eyeing up Gaga’s eyewear of 2010. The woman already gets enough attention for her meat dresses and record breaking music sales but one thing MessyNessy thinks has been overlooked is Lady Gaga’s incredible sunglasses collection. Gaga is a total genius when it comes to finding extraordinary eyewear that she manages to pull off every time.

6. Geeky Boys

Clockwise from top left: Glee's Matthew Morrison, Napster's inventor Sean Parker, Social Network actor Andrew Garfield and Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg is TIME’s man of the year, The Social Network was the movie of our generation, Glee‘s “gleeks” are a television phenomenon; suddenly being Mr. Popular, the iron-bodied jock, that rebellious heartbreaker, is not what qualifies for sexy in 2010.

The objects of our affections are noticeably shifting towards the misfits, the brainiacs, the boys who own the future; the geeks!

So guys… less time in the gym and more time learning html code.


7. Street Style

2010 was the year that street style surpassed the catwalk as our go-t0 for fashion influence.

Celebrating individuality, focusing on style rather than designer labels, and saluting the fashion savoir-faire of the unknown passer-by, a new breed of fashion photographer has diverted attention from celebrity style and fashion week runways, which have monopolised fashion coverage for the best part of this decade.

Blogs such as The Sartorialist and Face Hunter are now mandatory reads for magazine editors and designers alike.

Street style is about how real girls put themselves together – as opposed to male designers deciding what women should look like.

MessyNessyChic Street Style Blogs (click to view)


The Good, the Bad and the Funny of Paris Fashion Week Street Style

London Fashion Week: The Good, the Bad and the Downright Silly

CHANEL Models Off-Duty Street Style

Grannies with Style

Paris Street Chic at FIAC Art Fair

Style Spy at Notting Hill Carnival

Style Spy: Festival Chic



8. The Rise of the Indie Female Rockers

From left: Ellie Goulding (one of the most googled names of 2010), Florence Welch, Marina & the Diamonds


Girls next door; talented songwriters with quirky voices took over our iPods one rocker at a time. Move over pop tarts.

9. Photoshop and Plastic Surgery Backlash

With increasing exposure on the extensive use of photoshop in media and more celebrities emerging with unnatural, stretched and cartoon-like features this year, we’re wising up to the fact that all those impossibly beautiful women we see in our magazines and on television, are just that– impossibly beautiful… without plastic surgery or extensive photoshopping that is.

See more about this:

The Reality of Celebrity Photoshop

What Happens When You Play With Natural Beauty


10. Pre-pubescent Trendsetters

Child-blogger and newly appointed fashion editor, Tavi Gevinson. CLICK TO READ HER STORY

Celebrity Off-Spring turned fashionistas to be reckoned with: Madonna's daughter Lourdes, left and Will Smith's daughter, singer Willow Smith, right

Age ain’t nothing but a number.

And you thought we couldn’t get through a review of 2010 without mentioning Justin Bieber.

Damn it.



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