The Images that Get You Talking

In I spied... on January 17, 2011 at 3:15 pm

MessyNessy takes a look at the images in the media last week that she just couldn’t ignore…

–”Why you all in my grill?”–

French President Sarkozy pays a visit to the White House to remind Obama not to mess with the French. With finger pointing tactics like that, who would want to?


–Va Va Voom in Victoria Beckham–

Kim Kardashian’s curves triumphantly squeeze into a dress designed by everyone’s favorite muse for lifelong starvation dieting, Miss Victoria Beckham.


–”Let me at’ em! Let me at’ em!”–

This baby polar bear who could grow to weigh over 1,500 pounds, already shows the fighting spirit of a big brave bear just like his Pops… aw.


–”But Mama, Mount Etna is erupting again, do I have to do my homework?”–

Europe’s largest and most active volcano rumbled with new energy last week and lit up the Sicilian night with a fountain of lava. The eruption ‘only’ lasted an hour and ‘didn’t pose a threat’ (right, unless you were the little mountain goat that happened to be wandering up the hill as the deadly lava came rushing towards you). I don’t know about you, but if I looked out of my kitchen window to see streams of volcanic lava dripping down the mountain in front of me, I would pack up what I could and bolt. As beautiful as it may look, would you live next to a volcano?


–Brotherly Love in Sport–

Radamel Flacao and Givanildo Souza from FC Porto celebrate a goal in a Potuguese league football match against Naval.


– Clean Me! –

A sanitation truck in New York City gets an upgraded version of the prankster’s treatment for vehicles in need of a car wash. Wondering whether the driver knew what was written on the side of his truck and decided to leave it there for comedic value. (In case you can’t make out what it says: “I wish my wife was this dirty”).


–”I take marriage, relationships and pre-nups very, very seriously”–

Hugh Hefner’s former longterm girlfriend Holly Madison (left) met up with him and his newly announced fiance Crystal Harris (right). Madison later said that she thought Hefner was rushing into his decision to marry the 24-year old platinum blonde look-a-like (who was born in the same year that Hugh Hefner turned 64) and that he “could to better”.  Really Holly? Really??


–”Never liked Barbie™. Never Will.”–

Ruhpolding, Germany, January 16: Norway’s Tora Berger competing in the women’s 10 kilometers pursuit race at the Biathlon World Cup competition. I wonder what she does for fun…


–”I’m laughing too. On the inside”–

Katie Holmes flashes a knowing look for the photographer as she towers over stands beside her husband, Tom Cruise. There’s something about this marriage that I just can’t quite put my finger on…


–So True–

Why are they so damn difficult to manage? Zuckerberg, we have a bone to pick with you…


–Role Models–

These saintly strippers swapped their poles for snow shovels and took to the streets of New York city to join the snow-shoveling volunteers. Now whether any snow got shoveled by these bare-chested…um… beauties? We’re not quite sure. While it’s likely that they spent most of the afternoon posing for the trigger-happy crowds, I suppose it’s the thought that counts?


–The Sartorialist in North Korea–

No matter where he is, The Sartorialist, a.k.a Scott Schuman, somehow manages to find the coolest people walking the streets.


–Swimming Around the Neighbourhood–

A man in Brisbane, Australia paddles to safety on his surfboard as the flooded Brisbane River flooded to 15 feet deep. One does wonder however, why he chose to wear Speedos under the circumstances.


–”This is Definitely one for the Family Photo Album”–

Ladies and gentlemen, German artist Marcel Waldorf gives you “Petra.” On display at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, the artist depicts a policewoman in full riot gear squatting and peeing. While some German police aren’t very happy about it, Waldorf says he was simply curious about how female officers relieve themselves while on duty… naturally. P.S. The sculpture’s bottom is made out of metal which squats over a puddle (yes the artist even included the urine) of gelatin pee. Don’t ya just love contemporary art?!



–”This is our job. No, really, it is.”–

The Miss America pageant was held on Saturday in Las Vegas and didn’t fail to continue its tradition of humiliating the adult women who are stupid enough to compete, with it’s cringe-worthy dance numbers and other de-humanizing activities.


–Tabloid Journalists = Satan’s Little Helpers–

The New York Post proved it’s on top of it’s game when it comes to resorting to the lowest of the low to sell newspapers. The shameless tabloid published a photograph of Playboy Playmate Victoria Silvstedt doing her very best to get snapped by the Paparazzi while most likely unaware of anyone but herself and her two inflatable bosoms. Much to the amusement of a journalist at the New York Post however, the Swedish model shared her headline with an innocent gray-haired lady who just happened to be resting on the beach behind her. Cruelly referring to her as a beached whale, calling her “lumpy”, this publication should be very, very ashamed of itself. That’s someone’s grandmother!



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