Why We Should Feel Sorry for Male Models

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The Facial Expressions that Say it All…

Walter Van Beirendonck FW 2011


There’s nothing I enjoy more during men’s fashion week than those looks on the male models’ faces that so brilliantly convey exactly what they’re thinking as they walk down the catwalk looking like… well let’s face it, absolute twats. Unlike women’s fashion week, the photographs from the men’s shows always manage to beautifully capture expressions of humiliation, resentment, utter hopelessness and complete resignation, all rolled into one! Let’s take a guess at what some of the boys from the Paris shows this year might have been thinking as they made it down the runway…

Walter Van Beirendonck

Commes Des Garcons

John Galliano


Henrik Bivskov

Jean Paul Gaultier

Thom Browne





Cruelty Against Male Models! Dave Gandy Breaks his Silence…

Successful male model, Dave Gandy, who’s modelled his fair share of ridiculous clothing, recently spoke out on the treatment of male models…

People still just think Zoolander, and to come out with your pride and dignity intact is probably quite hard in this business. Trust me to end up working in the only industry in the world where women get paid more than men, and treated loads better — we’re trying to change that. In the hierarchy of a shoot, you have the photographer, the female model, the stylists, the assistants, then the male model. You are the lowest of the low.



Anyhoo, here’s a clip from the walk-off scene of Zoolander. Enjoy!


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