It’s PayDay Weekend!

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I do believe it was payday on monday for all you who aren’t desperately still searching for work have found their dream jobs despite the black hole that is the job market out there. So here’s a list of 5 things to lust over this weekend and 5 things that should absolutely make you feel like a consumerist twat, should you feel the urge to buy them. I’m not one to go all luxury on my readers, mainly because this blog doesn’t make me tons of money to buy any of this crap yet, but let’s have a gawk anyway at what’s on offer for the luxury lifestyle…


5 Desirable Acquirables


1. The TravelTeq
“Trash Panther” Bag

Just look at that yummy waterproof
nylon lining against the Florentine Vachetta leather. Guaranteed to
attract green eyes monsters in the office, this is for the truly
stylish and employed. Check out their iPad
case too…



2. Andre and Annabelle
Dexter Jones Glasses

Right, there are only 80 pairs of these in the world. That makes them pretty damn special. The Illesteva Leonard model in tortoise shell and transparent are all hand-made, engraved with Mr A on the earpiece. Available now at colette for 290 Euros. Me thinks my eye glasses are looking a little tired…


3. The Most Beautiful Pair of Prada Shoes I’ve Ever Seen in the last 20 minutes

Shot by Parisian blogger Garance Doré, these shoes would definitely end my high-heel boycott this summer. You’ll have to bravely wander into Prada yourselves to find out the price of these, because I boy and girls, just don’t want to know.


4. A Mason
Pearson Hairbrush


Some of you might be a bit stumped on this choice and some of you might know exactly what I’m talking about. Mason Pearson circa 1885 is the holy grail of hairbrushes. Their nylon and boar bristles are supposed to evenly distribute sebum from the scalp, making hair shiny and stronger. Sure sure. To be honest, I just love the way they look (is that such a crime?), calling my name from within their doll-like packaging. I can just picture that baby blue rounded brush sitting ever so elegantly next to my perfume bottles. The reason why it’s not already sitting there is because one of these babies will set you back up to 180 Euros.



5. The Karl Lagerfeld
Scooter Helmet

Living in Paris, you see a lot of scooters. You also see a lot of helmets. I’ve started to develop a bit of an interest in the popular brand Les Ateliers Ruby, even though I do not actually own a scooter (small details).

This one, going for a cool €1800, covered in tweed is the first of the collaboration between Lagerfeld and Ruby which will be followed by 3 more editions yet to hit the market. Only 12 of each will be made. They flaunt various extraordinary styles from black shiny mink (€4,545) to white rex rabbit fur (€2,730) to terracotta coloured fabric embroidered with pearls (€3,820). Can you imagine…

Lagerfeld also designed this silk
scarf for the brand…



5 Things that Make you ask

1. Asprey Scarf Belt (but
the scarf is sold

This accessory will set you back 395 Euros, except that’s not even the whole belt– the scarf is an extra 450 Euros. Don’t you just love false advertising! What immediately comes to mind are all those scarves I have sitting in my own closet, saving me 800 bucks as we speak. Aside from the price, this is an accessory that takes ‘preppy’ too literally and detracts from the effortless cool of scarf belts. Although if you really like the idea, there’s a calfskin version available, but of course, without the scarf, for 75 GBP. How the “scarf belt” should really be advertised… (still need one?)


2. The Hublot Snow Luge (or just


I’m just trying to picture the kind of guy that would purchase a luxury Hublot sled to go with their luxury Hublot watch… yep, he’s really really annoying. I can see it now, “Check the carbon fiber on my luge”. Eyes roll.


3. Chanel Sunglasses
for the Super Self-Obsessed

So these little babies feature lambskin quilted arms and one side lifts up to reveal a mirror that’s ideal for constant lipstick checks. Well that’s great, but someone forgot to update the design of the actual frames which are more circa 1998 than Spring/Summer 2011. These gems will set you back $740 at Chanel boutiques everywhere. Let’s all run and buy some.


4. Body

I almost choked on my madeleine dipped in milk when I came across this one. Maison Martin Margiela has lined
up a knights of templar-style jacket for its Spring Summer collection and I just can’t wait to see what kind of man sports this walking down the street. They’re going for £7,500. Not all at once guys.

5. The Bendy Phone

Designed with women in mind, the “Gabler” phone ‘solves’ the problem of digging through a deep bag to find your tech, it also features a built-in clock, calendar, address book, camera… BLA BLA BLA. If it ain’t the iPhone or Blackberry, who cares? Created by Paz Brouk via Designboom, I’d say the buzz on the ‘bendy phone’ will be pretty short-lived. Especially since they’ll all get stolen by hanging on the outside of people’s bags…


Messy Nessy is going Shoe Crazy this

Okay so I might have developed a bit of an obsession lately. Along came a boy who liked to make shoes and along came my new found addiction admiration for footwear. Luckily I’m heading to London on Friday to do a quick bit of retail therapy where Urban Outfitters has a scrumptious selection waiting for me… and breathe… they’re all high street prices.

Hallelujah! I’ve found a high street
alternative to the Prada creeper !

Black Crepe Creeper,

I’m coming to get you, little
bohemian gems!

Deena & Ozzy beaded slipper,


The see-through perspex panel had me
at hello…

Deena & Ozzy
Perspex Lace ups, £40


They’ll never go out of fashion and
never stop finding their way into my closet.
Minnetonka Thunderbird
moccasins, £59

Yes, they’re for women. Very unfortunate that these are a web exclusive because they are not
shoes you can buy without trying first. You’ll either love them or hate them, I’m personally loving them, but not bold enough to buy blindly. Definitely worth ogling at however. Would you be brave enough to buy?
All at Urban

The BOYS Shoe
I’m Hoping they Have in GIRLS

Borstal Generic Surplus Espadrille Shoe,

Have a good weekend and happy shopping Messy Nessy Chic readers!


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