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Are We Going to See Victoria Beckham do the Nude Pregnancy Pose for American VOGUE?

Ugh, do we have to? In the kind of news that gets prioritized over government coups, Victoria Beckham is pregnant and rumored to be expecting her first daughter. It’s also pretty well-known (amongst people that care to know this sort of useless information like myself), Posh Spice has pretty much landed every single VOGUE cover except the coveted American edition– and she wants it really, really bad.

Now that she’s pregnant for the first time since she became a respected fashion designer, editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is said to be considering Victoria for one of those industry infamous nude pregnancy covers. Oh, the anticipation of seeing Mrs. Beckham in the buff, swollen belly and all. Does anyone other than pregnant women actually enjoy looking at those photographs? If women are really honest, the thought of pregnancy and childbirth absolutely freaks us out. We say enough with the nude preggers magazine covers. Been there, done that and quite frankly, don’t want to see it again.


FINALLY, Someone Makes Fun of Justin Bieber

Look I know he’s only a kid, but since when do kids with bafflingly over-styled hair need to appear on the cover of Vanity Fair and just about every other possible surface on the planet Earth? I find it perplexing if not obnoxious that the media has continued to idolize ‘the Bieber’. Does anyone else smell a Britney-style ‘build ’em up to tear ’em down’ set up? Maybe boys aren’t as good as the girls at epic falls from grace, mid-teen melt-downs landing them in rehab much to the delight of tabloids everywhere. Maybe this child star won’t go off the rails. But thank God someone is finally making fun of his stupid hair.

MAD has taken a strip off the biggest celebs in history, including Elvis, The Beatles and various U.S. presidents: “We like to do what we call zeitgeist covers,” Editor in Chief, John Ficarra said.

Another Reason to Love Simon Cowell

In a press call this week, the music industry mogul we love to hate told journalists:

“I climb trees, daily. It’s like a ritual. I like cartoons every morning. I likeThe FlintstonesThe Jetsons, all the old ones. I watch them in the morning to put me in a good mood.”

Simon Cowell just went up ten points in my book.

Did Rihanna’s Racy New Video Steal Ideas from David La Chappelle?

Um, YES. The column on the left is famed fashion photographer David La Chappelle’s work and on the right is Rihanna’s new video for the single “S&M”. The similarities are so obvious, I’m wondering if La Chappelle has secretly given his permission to have his work ripped-off re-created and whether this is just another publicity stunt generated by Rihanna’s fierce PR machine to get hundreds of journalists and bloggers like me talking about it. Oh… I see.

Does Anyone Else Find this Video Blog of Crystal Renn Really Patronizing?

If you don’t know who she is, (where have you been) Crystal Renn has been the breakout star in fashion for the last two years as a celebrated plus size model. After a few years of making curvy girls everywhere feel better about themselves, Crystal dropped the weight and is basically a size zero now no longer a plus-sized model (see the before and after pictures below). In the video above, the model addresses the backlash she has dealt with from the public and the media since her weight loss. While I understand what she’s saying on the weight issue (the fact is female bodies in the public eye will always be criticized no matter what they look like), I did find all her slightly incoherent babbling about the fashion industry a little cringe-worthy and dare I say, rehearsed. I really did try to like her but one does wonder when models started talking so much.



While I’d really rather not join the media band-wagon of bashing Renn’s weight loss, it has to be said that hands down, she looks sexier with a curvier figure. Thoughts?


Guess Who This is….

Clue: This is his new bride, gracing the cover of Elle magazine this month

Would you believe it’s Russell Brand ?!?!?!?

‘Before and After’ pictures will never get old…

Enjoy your day!

MessyNessy x


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