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In I spied... on February 16, 2011 at 8:11 am

Wow, so those protesters in the Middle East are getting pretty serious huh. Two heads of state down, how many to go? It’s like a Mexican wave over there. Okay fine, I’m stalling. The truth is, I’ve been hopelessly trying to come up with something to write about today and at half past midnight, I’m throwing in the towel and surrendering to a blog post that I shall be filing under the category, random or stuff I forgot to show you. Why didn’t I just write about New York fashion week? It would seem like pretty obvious material for a blogger with the word “fashionable” in her masthead. Well, quite frankly, I’m not there, so I’m going to go ahead and say that the thousands of bloggers that are there, probably have it covered. Right, so shall we get started with my random blog post then?


An Unexpected Pair: Fashion and Rugby

First up, a small collection of street chic photographs from the France-Ireland rugby match I watched from an over-crowded pub on Sunday (can you call them pubs if you’re France?)…




(Obviously, I was paying attention to the game the entire time).



Remember These?

Of course you do. Flik Flak watches were only the coolest wrist accessory on the planet when you were an elementary school kid. I eyed this one in a Petit Bateau store here in Paris and it immediately took me back to my playground years. Does this qualify as retro? Does that mean I can get one and wear it and start a new trend revival? I Flick’n hope so.

Check out this New York fashion week attendee (yes, I’m strangely liking the tea cosy on her head) sporting not one but two kids watches on her wrist… I’ll bet you a Swatch watch that time pieces from childhood will be a big trend this summer.

Image from Tommy Ton’s NY fashion week coverage



Jane Birkin’s Basket Lives on

I spotted this little chickadee in the Eurostar terminal on my last voyage to London. I spent most of last summer trotting around with my straw market bag but never went as far as tracking down an actual basket to carry. She must be a die-hard fan. MessyNessy salutes you basket girl.

If you’re unaware of who Jane Birkin is (blasphemy), please do some much needed reading up on The Women Behind Gainsbourg by yours truly (here’s one I did earlier).




Double Take

Galerie Sparts on rue de Seine always has the kind of art to lure in passer-byers that are never going to buy anything, kinda like myself. If you’re in the Saint Germain area, eat lunch at La Palette (a cheaper but better alternative to Les Deux Margots or Cafe Flore) and browse the art galleries on the rue de Seine, including this one.

Forgive me, I did not get the artist’s name, how terribly unprofessional of me I know. But it is now 2am and the gallery is regretfully closed. Will update in a.s.a.p.




Meet my New Friend, Earl

He works in a men’s boutique in the Marais on Sundays. He likes to cuddle while boyfriends shop.


  1. Vanessa.
    I shouldn’t. Being male be reading your Girly blog. However I’m slightly hooked. Perhaps unfairly because I kinda know you…. Nevertheless I do have an opinion. You gotta tap into your male following. You mention the rugby but thats way too francais. Not like you paid attention. Food Yo!!! :))).

    Anyways. Hope you’re well xxxx

    • I was SO close to doing a food blog yesterday. I think Nicole kinda inspires me. Like 5 Easy Recipes Every Princess Has to Learn (to give their chef boyfriends the night off).
      Thanks for the blog love! Very aware I have a closet male following! but don’t worry, a big revamp is coming with a less girly look so you can feel more manly every time you visit 🙂

  2. Oh ok, now I get the mexican wave reference on FB my status

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