Can I Tempt You With a little Culture, Art and Design? (Didn’t Think So…)

In I saw... on March 8, 2011 at 8:04 am

Check out this Chubby Ferrari then…

Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have clicked on this post either if I didn’t know there was a chubby Ferrari at the end of it. So congratulations for choosing to cultivate yourself and now behold some of the least boring art I’ve seen in a while by Austrian artist, Erwin Wurm. These fat and mutated versions of cars are made using polyurethane foam and styrofoam covered with lacquer (please don’t try whatever that is at home).

He’s done some other very impressive stuff, including this house perilously tipping over the edge of the Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien in Vienna. What makes art fun to see is when there is little doubt in the mind that the artist had a lot of fun making it.


One of My Random Little Design Finds I’d like to Share…

In case your sandwiches are really that good… calls for drastic measures.

A great little company, ‘the’ is an eclectic mix of whimsical products designed by New York-based designers Sherwood Forlee and Mihoko Ouchi. On their About Page they claim ‘to have short attention spans, which accounts for their scatterbrained selection of goods’. This made me like them even more.

(Anti-theft lunchbags, $8.00; Speak-er, $99.50; Framed objects, $65 all available on the website)


Indiana Jones Needs a Watch Too…


Whatever it is, you want it don’t you. This is Brooklyn-based jeweler A. Jason Ross’s latest venture, the Watch Transformation Project, a service for men (starting at $5,500) who want to give some edge to underused timepieces. Clients supply their own watches and Ross swaps the band for rugged straps. While I’m sure as hell not trekking to Brooklyn with $500o I don’t have….food for thought boys and girls, food for thought.

Has Banksy Lost His Mojo?

I thought the latest artworks by Banksy that emerged in L.A. last month were a little lacking. The child holding the gun loaded with crayons– haven’t we seen this before? The dog taking a whizz on the wall– is that it? The Mickey Mouse billboard leaves a lot to be desired being neither very clever or original– which is what we know and love Banksy for. How dare Banksy not be 100% clever and original all the of time…

What Does the Latest High-speed Commercial Train Look Like?

Last week Japan launched the Hayabusa, also known as “Falcon” with a 186 mile per hour (300km) debut. The debut of Japan’s Hayabusa train marks the continued investment into high-speed rail in Asia. In December 2010, the Chinese broke the speed record for the world’s fastest unmodified conventional commercial train with a top speed of 302 miles per hour (486 kilometers per hour). That means absolutely nothing to me but I’m sure it may have raised the eyebrows of any males reading this. All I know is that it look pretty damn fast (and has a pretty long nose).

Two Short Films of My Beloved Paris

First of all, don’t hate me because I live in Paris.

Second of all… don’t believe all the clichés about France.

Watch this short film by french animator Cédric Villain which pokes fun at the stereotypes associated with France using a vintage animation style.


And now you can really hate me because I live in Paris… after watching this…

Pure Parisian propaganda that sweeps you right off your feet! Directed by Gustav Johansson and featuring gorgeous typography by Albin Holmqvist, the De Vivre le Langue clip for EF Language Schools that I have stumbled upon makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that I am in fact living in this beautiful city.

Gloating stops in 3….



i live here. So there.

Gloating over.

  1. propaganda ! ahah

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