Don’t Hate Me Because I Live in Paris

In I saw... on March 29, 2011 at 6:53 am

I don’t mean to rub all this Paris stuff in your face on purpose, I really don’t. I am aware of how terribly annoying it must be if you don’t live in this city to then read about how much better it is than where you live about how la vie is truly belle à Paris. One London reader called it, and I quote: ‘slander!’.

Well, all I have to say in my defence is… at least I’m not the only one doing it…

Here comes Woody Allen’s latest offering, Midnight in Paris.

Click here to watch on Youtube

Sure, Owen Wilson & Co might successfully pull off a few humorous Allen-esque moments to chuckle heartily at, the token French actress (Marion Cotillard) will no doubt be seductive; and of course the much buzzed about (yet tiny) role of Carla Bruni will be worth the cinema ticket (however badly she may or may not act). But really who cares about all that nonsense?

As we all know very well, the reason to see this movie is because we know that Woody is taking on the impossible task of making Paris look beautiful. (I hope you noticed the sarcasm there).

Here’s a director that knows how to make you drool over a city— remember his envious Upper West Side from most of his movies, his lazily glowing Barcelona inVicky Cristina Barcelona, his unexpected and lovely portrayal of London’s Camden Town in You Will Meet a Tall, Dark, Hansome Stranger— and it would seem from this trailer that Paris is no exception. We’ve seen Woody share a magic-infused song and dance on the banks of the Seine in Everyone Says I Love You — but here it is front and center, full of the eye-popping sunsets (that really do occur just as you happen to be crossing a bridge over the Seine) and the hushed purples of pigeon-colored roofs. Ah, Paris! This is what to see this movie for.

Word of warning, though. Watch this movie and you will never be happy living where you live ever again. Unless you live in Paris, in which case— I’m all over this sucker.



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