Girls in Very Little Clothing

In I want... on May 31, 2011 at 10:06 am

(This title will get me loads of hits)

 So the summer holiday is booked and now there’s nothing left to do but countdown until that wonderful moment when your alarm clock wakes you up at 5am to catch the flight that was mortgages cheaper than the flight leaving after the sun itself actually rises, because that’s just how evil travel companies get in summertime…

Naturally, girls tend to start planning their beach wardrobe, oh say, two months in advance…

I’d just like to take the opportunity to thank my Mum for walking in on me yesterday as I was in between bathing suits during my annual assessment of ‘how many 5 mile runs will it take for me to look good in this piece of string?’

I’m tempted to try out one of these vintage style one-pieces the fashion mags have been plugging all spring..

People assume one-pieces are for girls that have hairy stomachs… (or something like that)

Not true.

Boys: Would appreciate your opinion on girls wearing these one-pieces however. Thanks.

Bikinis and one-pieces from the 50s and 60s used to have cones inserted in the bra-top for a rounded cone-like boob shape.

I went into my favorite vintage shop yesterday to find an entire rail of cone-shaped bra tops. I was tempted. What do we think?

 Fun fact: A 4th century mosaic wall was discovered in Greece depicting girls dressed in what looks like the modern-day bikinis.

If anybody must get credit for popularizing the bikini in the world it is French actress Brigitte Bardot.

The image below of actress Jacqueline Bisset spawned the wet t-shirt contest craze.

Basically, the best thing about summer holiday is that you only really need to get half dressed…

Above and below is my favorite 60 supermodel Veruschka. She was an Yves Saint Laurent muse, her most famous image can be found at the bottom of my blogs above “Le Tour”.

Occasionally, it’s also nice to actually wear clothes…

Ossie Clark dress below.

Let the holiday fun begin!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click to shop the swimwear

1.  Topshop blue floral one-piece. 2. Seafolly polka dot one-piece 3. Missoni Mare one-piece  4. Princess Tam Tam Striped retro one-piece  5. Ted Baker black floral one-piece 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs one-piece 7. River Island Splashed Bikini 8. Betty Bikini 9. ASOS Africa print bikini 10. ASOS brown high waisted brief bikini

Click to shop poolside looks

1. Pins & Needles button down skirt 2. Rare pom pom trim floral bustier 3. Karen Millen Graphic Stripe dress 4. Beige poppy print top and trousers 5. Red & White Boutique dress by Jaeger 5. Topshop white cutout dress



[Images via Condé Naste archives]


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