Take Me to Louisiana

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Friday Photostory

Of all the holiday destinations, I had to go and pick Louisiana.

(Somedays I wonder if I really am just being a bit too ‘kooky’ for my own good).

Maybe it’s that old French influence in New Orleans, maybe it’s the fact that I find thick southern accents absolutely mesmerizing, or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve just started obsessively watching, episode after episode of the hit HBO series True Blood, coincidentally, filmed and set in the glorious state of Louisiana.


But it’s not what it looks like.

You see, studying American History in high school, the only parts I ever found interesting were the ones that took place in the deep south.

What we [snobby] Europeans generally tend to think about the deep American south is that it’s a land of backwards culture, hicks & rednecks, slave heritage, vast & eerie swamps, spooky old plantation houses, voodoo practice and all that stuff.

And well, we would probably be right. And that’s exactly why I want to go.

Their ‘backwards culture’ is in fact incredibly rich, their history and their pride even more fascinating; more diverse than any culture you could find in Europe.

We love bashing American rednecks. It’s a European hobby almost; someone to laugh at.

And yet we love our copycat American diners, decorated with honky tonk memorabilia, serving classic American breakfasts. We pay thousands for crocodile leathers and oh boy, do we love the blues…

I think it’s time we stopped being so ignorant ourselves and took a good look at what we’re missing …


These images are a selection from the following sources: Immune Media, Jawsnap Photos, Charles Martin Photography, Pompo Bresciani Photography, and The New York Times

For more information about travelling to Louisiana, click here

(I get the distinct feeling I should be getting paid for this…)

  1. I am a Louisianian living in Chicago, temporarily staying in the Czech Republic, and I have to say that Louisiana absolutely has my heart. Of all the states I´ve lived in, the cities I´ve visited, and the countries I´ve stayed in, nothing takes my breath away more than Louisiana.

    There´s something about driving over the bridges during sunrise or sunset with the sun glowing off of the water, the unique cultural architecture, the unbelievable food, and the honestly unique people that make Louisiana special. I just wish more people understood the culture as you do.

    Heads up, Swamp People is not a realistic depiction of life in Southwest Louisiana.

  2. great article my love xx

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