Friday Favorites: Clever Advertising

In I saw... on July 8, 2011 at 10:17 am

I spend a lot of time looking at adverts everyday traveling around Paris on the metro. The ones that catch my attention are the ones that show a bit of independent thinking. But do they make me want to buy the product? If I’m persuaded by an advertisement to buy into something I’m not really in the market for, how much of an independent thinker does that make me? Millions can be spent on producing eye-grabbing advertising campaigns but it’s important to remember that does not necessarily a good product make. I prefer to look at these clever advertisements as innovative examples of design– so before you start thinking I’ve been paid to put up a bunch of advertisements in today’s post (I wish), think of this as creative stimulation to power you through the rest of Friday afternoon…

That’s weird… I didn’t order a pizza…

Even if you hate baked beans, you gotta love this…


Does this advertisement look good on me?

A manhole in New York was covered by this print ad, with slits to allow the steam to come through…

Eye trickery… advertisement at the top of an underground escalator.

And before I send you off on your magical weekends– behold my favourite television advertisement courtesy of Old Spice…



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