Another One of those Friday Posts You Know and Love…

In I am... on September 2, 2011 at 8:34 am

Goodmorning/ afternoon / evening to you fine folks. I trust most of you have settled back into your nests after flying around to wonderful places and spaces this summer. Today we have your usual Friday special; a mélange of sophisticated culture bites with a hint of sarcasm. Enjoy…

… And it was a flop of epic proportions. I had such high hopes for this unlikely but seemingly genius combination. The peanut butter turned into a sort of gummy phenomenon in the mouth and I’m sad to report it did nothing to bring out the flavors of the melon during the after-taste phase. Deeply, deeply disappointed.

Husband and wife duo, Tiger in a Jar are on a roll with their beautiful and romantic recipe stories. I’m enjoying the vintage-style camera, the typography, the music and pretty much everything this culinary duo is using to create their mini food films. Take a look… if the Oscar’s did culinary…


Before we go any further, I’d just like to clarify that I do not condone the use of LSD and nor do I think Nixon was fantastic.


A former set designer on PeeWee’s playhouse (sort of explains things) has come up with the idea of these very cool word paintings. I’m irresistibly drawn to the bright candy colours against the dullness of these traditional retro-framed landscape paintings. And that’s what art is all about right? You know, when the work is all aesthetically pleasing and stuff… [Paintings by Wayne White]

(Sorry about the really badly dressed guy in the photo)

German artist ‘EVOL’ (we won’t go into the name) is best-known for his street art around Berlin. This time, he moved his workspace out to nature and underground to build a mini city. I think it’s pretty out-of-the-box stuff. Plus, I like miniature things.

Delicately put, isn’t it? A public poster for sexual health from 1940 makes me realize I’m much happier appreciating all things vintage from afar than actually having lived as a woman in the earlier half of the 20th century… Shiver. (Oh and I’m glad girls rule the world today).


I found that I couldn’t help myself photographing charming older ladies that I saw walking around in Lucca this summer while road tripping around Italy. In their bright floral dresses, they looked chic and ready for anything; a stroll around the city, a gossip with the ladies on the piazza, a bike ride to the shops and of course, a session in mama’s kitchen to prepare da mama’s famous meatballs!

See more Granny Chic here



You know how much I love my retro videos and so I had to post this clip in honor of the revival of a time-honored brand called Original Penguin which created such American classics as the Munsingwear golf shirt and the famous dinner jacket as seen in the video. Not only do I love the video and think it’s a very clever way of marketing the brand’s come-back, I must say I wouldn’t mind seeing this red jacket on my own boyfriend. What do you say guys? Get in the American retro spirit this fall?


LEGO and Volkswagen have announced their collaboration on creating a lego replica of the iconic T1 Camper Van. As mentioned earlier, I love all things miniature and I also spent a good proportion of my childhood stacking endless blocks of colorful plastic. The model will be available from October 1st from the online Lego store.

Photos surfaced last week of Zaha Hadid’s finished olympic acquatic centre in my old home town, London. It all smells very seventies retro to me which is surprisingly agreeable. Personally, the whole glamour of the Olympics lives on in that time decade and perhaps Zaha feels the same way. The Olympics? Glamorous? Bring on the trendy swimming caps…

Also, I’m not entirely convinced I don’t have a weird ‘thing’ for swimming pools.

I feel a D.I.Y project coming on…



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