People in Fashion: The Good vs The Bad … (and other tales from Planet Fashion)

In I heard... on September 23, 2011 at 9:29 am

The Bad

Meet Peter Dundas, artistic direction for Emilio Pucci who possibly gave the most obnoxious interview in media history for last Sunday’s fashion edition of the Financial Time’s magazine How to Spend it (granted, an equally obnoxious magazine in its own right). I’ve provided excerpts from his Q&A piece (pictured above) along with conclusive test results from my overall analysis of just how much of a twat this guy really is…

September 17, Issue 268 How to Spend It Interview with Peter Dumas, Exhibit A:

My personal style signifier is my white Dior Homme Jeans. I have atleast 15 pairs in my homes in Paris, Florence and Greece. I can’t imagine not wearing them.

Bragability factor (ability to brag at any moment in any context): Strong

Exhibit B:

The people I rely on for grooming and style include anyone who makes house calls… my hairdresser David comes to me wherever I am… I have two masseurs, one in Italy and one in France and I even have a tailor who comes to my house.

Likely-hood he’s never ironed his own pants in entire life: High

Exhibit C

In Paris I shop around the Place Vendome [equivalent to Sloane Street/ Rodeo Drive] because it has everything. Charvet is on the corner and Bottega Veneta and Hermès are just up the road. The Ritz is close by for meeting friends for drinks and there are great jewellery shops for gifts.

Designer Label name-dropping count: Every other sentence [although amazingly, he fails to mention the very label he represents, Pucci, anywhere in the entire interview].

Exhibit D:

The last thing I bought was an Hermes billfold wallet. I’ve had several but I tend to lose them.

Self-awareness: None



The Good

Meet Isabel Marant, designer behind the brand that defines Parisian cool and has the likes of fashionistas like Kate Moss and Alexa Chung wagging their tongues. Not a woman you could possibly relate to right? Probably a power-tripping fashionista who owns luxury villas and Birkin bags for everyday of the week. Wrong. Isabel allowed the The New York Times magazine to take a peak into her private life at her tiny cottage (also known as “Le Shack”) in the French countryside.

Photographed with her family, Marant breaks the stereotype of today’s typical fashionistas, never once giving any indication as to the size of her bank account. Appreciating the simple pleasures in life, she certainly seems to be happier than most of the moody fashion rat-pack with their designer flash…

Priority level of being seen in most-favorite-outfit-of-all-time for magazine article: Low

There’s a strict no-fashion-talk policy in effect at the cottage, which is strewn with colorful old kilims, flea market finds and stacks of thick wool blankets for use in the winter months.

Chances of survival without Louis Vuitton monogrammed toilet paper: High

“It’s surprising how little
you really need,” says Isabel’s husband. “The expression ‘less is more’ takes on real meaning here.” … the tiny clapboard cottage is only 35 miles southeast of central Paris, but it feels worlds away, thanks to its untamed, verdant surroundings and lack of mod cons like electricity, heat and plumbing.

Satisfaction from getting spotted drinking tea at the Ritz: Minimal to none (couldn’t give a toss)

“We don’t see friends in Paris anymore. We invite them to Fontainebleau. Especially the ones with children; it’s truly a kid’s paradise… After the kids retire to their tents, the adults take out the tarot cards and sip brandy.”

Favorite Designer brand for a weekend shopping spree: Non-applicable

Isabel spends Saturday mornings at the market in the nearby village of Bourron-Marlotte, buying fresh bread, croissants, beautiful cheeses, meat, fish, eggs and produce. Perishables are stored in a little fisherman’s cabin embedded in the riverbank that is equipped with a vintage icebox.



in case you thought that awesome jacket you saw in a magazine was going to look the same on you …

Also, Santa Claus doesn’t exist (just thought you should know).



and the award for the fashion week collection most likely designed by someone tripping on acid goes to…

Meadham Kirchhoff’s Spring/ Summer 2012 collection

at London Fashion Week!!

Of course they couldn’t have done it without the help of the following inspirations…

A special thanks to:

The halucinating, amphetamine-popping mother from the cult movie about drug addiction, Requiem for a Dream

Little Bo Peep

The Queen of Hearts

and finally…

Mugatu from the movie Zoolander (played by Will Farrell).



Look like supermodel Giselle in Brazilian underwear line and your boyfriend won’t break up with you when you crash his car for the second time … Guaranteed!

and just in case that wasn’t enough to make the rest of womankind throw in the towel…

and finally one last nail in the coffin… (begin comfort eating now… it’s all we have left)



they did it so much better in the 80s…

Before you go, let’s just take a moment to reminisce over supermodels from the 80s. Dressed in their tacky Versace silks, neons and metallics, it almost makes you think that decade is worth reliving…



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