Uh Oh … Someone let MessyNessy into Paris Fashion Week

In I am... on September 28, 2011 at 8:12 am

So … funny story. I’ve been hired at the eleventh hour to freelance during Paris Fashion Week for an online fashion magazine. I know, I know, just hear me out. They’re expecting a review for the Dries Van Noten show this afternoon, and yes, against mankind’s better judgement, MessyNessy has been given an invite.

the sacred fashion week invite... and my salty crackers

Okay truthfully, I’m not entirely sure why they’ve hired me either. They know my articles focus on the um… ‘funnier side’ of the [try-hard] fashion-pack and they’ve seen the mustaches drawn onto photographs of said fashion pack.

And as lovely and good-humored as I’m sure my temporary new employers are, I’m not entirely certain the mustache-drawing is perhaps the angle they want to go with when it comes to Paris fashion week coverage.

(Hey maybe I was hired by someone on their last day on the job … payback for being fired and all).

But it’s too late now!! I’ve collected my invite and I’m in!

Free to run wild backstage and pull the models’ pants down…

…free to pass wind next to the Condé Naste editors who never answered my emails [note to self: eat mexican food for lunch]

…free to stick “kick me!” Post-its® on the backs of fashion socialites sitting in the front row…

… all while cleverly disguised as a serious fashion journalist so I can be hired next season to do it all again.

Okay, okay maybe I was sort of kidding about the Post-its® (I guess it’s kind of immature). But I can’t make any promises about passing gas next to Condé Naste.

And I’m personally hoping with every bone in my body that the fashion show turns out as much fun as this one…


But in all seriousness, I’ll try to be on my best behavior, keep the sniggering to a minimum and produce a great article for my client. I can be a serious journalist ya know– if you pay me … (in cupcakes).

So wish me luck out there in the jungle they called fashion week; I suppose I’ll be needing that extra bar of Weetabix this morning (I know, I like mine drowning in milk too). Of course, I’ll be reporting back to you with my own take on it all… you know… à la MessyNessy (à la are you frick’n kidding me?).

Oh and I promise not to try as hard as these idiots when getting dressed…


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