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In I am... on October 24, 2011 at 11:02 am

You might have been the almighty master of Nintendo. Or you were the kid sister that had no choice in life but to learn how to play Super Mario Bros with her older brother. Perhaps you were even the young parent forced into buying endless Nintendo crap. However big or small a part you played in the rise of the video game generation, we all knew those little flat-cap wearing Italian brothers that jumped in & out of flower pots, assassinating mushrooms…

Live, Die & Get Married like a Hipster Fundamentalist

By now we’re all aware that promoting retro paraphernalia pertaining to the late 80s and 90s is now considered as an ironically geeky statement– and thus a form of Hipsterism. Well lookie here. Graphics designer Larry T Quach was asked by his good friends to design their wedding invite in the 8-bit Mario style. And what is the result?

It’s so naff it’s hipster fundamentalism* [see footnote].

*There are people who like vintage references in fashion, enjoy typography and riding bicycles; you may call them ‘hipsters’. And then there are ‘fundamentalist hipsters’ who wear fluorescent spandex, retro video games as jewellery and appeared in that youtube video. And by distinguishing between the two, this is how I intend to avoid making fun of myself.

So whether this couple asked for it or not, thanks to their ultra-naff retro reference on one of the most important invites one will ever send out in life, these lovebirds are now in for a one hell of an extremist hipster wedding. Guests will more than likely show up with GameBoy™ necklaces and the DJ will inevitably have to play songs that only fit in the category of electro pop meets southern hip hop.

Anti-hipster fundamentalism sentiment aside however, the details and nods to the video game tie in nicely with the whole nostalgic mindset surrounding a milestone event in life like getting married. In fact, I think I find it refreshing and delightful to see a momentous occasion like one’s wedding infused with such creativity and fun. The whole formality of weddings can be positively mind-numbing. Glad to see the 8-bit video game generation is starting to take the stiffness out of getting married. Are you a hipster fundamentalist for life?

iPhone Siri has Serious Attitude

For us little people that haven’t had the chance to fester with this bad girl … check out the mouth on her! 


And in case you weren’t sure how good of a video could you make with the iPhone 4S? This is how good…

Reckless, Lawless Kids Drop Smartphones as an ‘Experiment’

Dropping your smartphone is one of those moments when your heart finds it’s way up to your throat (or down to your ass). So when I saw these guys doing it for a fun experiment, naturally I found it highly distressing and wasn’t quite sure how to react.

Video sidenote: Repeatedly using the expression “let’s see how it fared” will not make you sound more intelligent.

Once again, putting my personal emotions aside however, the outcome did not surprise me as the video suggested it might. My boyfriend has a Samsung Galaxy and I have the iPhone. While we’ve both dropped it more times than we can count, my iPhone(s) have been in and out of the Apple plastic surgery clinics since I can remember. In fact, I’m now currently living life with a great big crack in the screen because I feel safer and more at ease having an already-damaged iPhone, eliminating the chances of heart attack from dropping an iPhone with a brand new screen.

Be Safe, Use Protection

While we’re on the subject of dropping iPhones; let’s talk about using protection. Of course, we should always use protection. But what about the fact that attractive iPhone cases are a rarity out there?  How are you going to get kids to stay safe with a boring old rubbery white iPhone case?

Well you might want to take a look at these…

Not just any iPhone cases. You know all those vintage photographs you take with your iPhone that don’t really do anything but sit on Facebook and collect dust? The ingenious Casetagram is here to give purpose to your vintage instagram photos by incorporating them into your very own personalized iPhone case!!

Am I being too excited about this?

There are four layouts. You can get cases that fit the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and they’ll run you 35 bucks (which includes international shipping).

What the hell magnets! Why are you so Amazing?

I don’t know what the hell those two guys were saying but look at that magnet go!


God I Wish I had invented this.

Do you ever find yourself feeling really jealous of someone else’s invention? This would be one of those times for me. The Post-it Note Watch is amazing for so many reasons. For one, it stops you scribbling reminders on your hand, which in turn stops your mum telling you that you don’t wash enough, along with a small lecture on the importance of grooming . Doriane Favre designed these watch-shaped sticky notes that you can wear all day so you never forget to record an episode of the X Factor. The shape of the post-it watch is even in line with the current minimalist fashion for wrist watches. On-trend and on the ball!

Paris Apocalypse

I try not to watch any zombie films or television series before breakfast. But let me tell you, I love that stuff. If you are like me, you’ll be familiar with arguably the greatest zombie film of all time, 28 Days Later and agree with me in saying that the apocalyptic opening scene is a moment of cinematic history that you’ll never forget. So! When I came across this slightly bizarre short film of a deserted and flooded Paris, naturally it reminded me of a zombie apocalypse. If you are a fellow Parisian, you may simply enjoy seeing familiar streets in a way you’ve never seen them before.

Or zombie apocalypse. Whichever. 


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