When I was a Dumb Kid, I Wanted to Be a Disney Princess/ Mermaid

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I come across so many strange things on my blogging quests these days that I’m worried my taste is becoming less and less refined, like I might be regressing in my ability to differentiate between something unique and something that should be shoved in the back of a closet. Case in point: when I came across these incredibly tacky photo manipulations of Disney princesses, well, I just couldn’t wait to share them with you. Truthfully, they remind me of some oil paintings from the 1980s that I once saw in someone’s really, really outdated, peach-coloured apartment. But at the same time, I am powerless against the nostalgia as I flick through the real-life versions of my favorite Disney characters. I thirst for more; Cinderella, Snow White, Bambi!

Yeah. I might have lost it.

Jasmine (Aladdin)


Okay if you’re interested to know exactly what this ‘photo manipulation’ is, art student Jirka Väätäinen (the artist responsible for this) explains:

“I find photos all over the Internet and then combine them in Photoshop,” he says. “I don’t base the characters on only one real person or picture – I pick, mix and blend features. I also do some digital painting, by hand, to make it all come together.”

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)




Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)


Jirka says his art spawned from a fascination for the character Ursula from The Little Mermaid (anyone else think that’s a little weird for a guy?). “I had always liked her character so much that I decided to give myself a little challenge,” and he has to tell us more…”I had so much fun with it that I could not stop… and here we are.”

Yes here we are. Trying to figure out how it is possible to like something enough to publish it against better judgement on my own blog and yet equally hate it at the same time…

Esmerelda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)


Phew, Something Artistic and Trendy

As you may know, I used to take to the streets and snap photos of bratty fashionistas in expensive clothes and post it on my blog just like every other fashion blogger out there. These days I’m more keen on seeing the funnier side of street style. But there is always someone out there on the web who manages to give me a new perspective on fashion. My favorite go-t0 style bookmark, the wonderfully creative HonestlyWTF posted this street style blog with a completely new twist. I think it’s thoughtful, sharp and refreshing….


Artist Wants you to Watch Her Giving Birth to Her Baby, Live in an Art Gallery; Vagina and All.

Oh yes, you read that long-winded heading correctly.

New Yorker Marni Kotak, 36, wants her labour to be a piece of art and plans to deliver her baby in front of around 15 people at the Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn.

The exhibition is titled “The Birth of Baby X” and will take place within a few weeks. A custom-built home birthing pool will have been constructed in time for the birth.

In the meantime, the artist has been creating a rapport with the lucky members of the public who will be attending the .. um .. exhibition. Marni wants them to feel like they “won’t be total strangers… I’m developing an authentic relationship with these people,” Kotak says. “For me, it’s like building a community of people who are really interested in this.”

The exhibition-goers will receive notification when the artist goes into labour. Via text message perhaps?

The future mother is not planning to converse with the audience during the process but says “I never know how a performance will progress and sometimes unexpected things happen.”

Father-t0-be and husband of Marni, Jason Robert Bell, also an artist, will be documenting the show and a midwife will be present to help out with the labour (at least that part sounds normal enough).

Kotak has previously re-enacted events from her life, including her own birth and losing her virginity.

Okay so now that we have all the facts, may I just say, WHAT THE F***???


Upcoming Documentary Makes Me Want to Be a SuperHeroine Female President

Sometimes I think I’m lucky to have been born into a time and generation where women are totally equal in society. And then I watch something like this and realize that if we’re really honest with ourselves, womankind has a very long fight still ahead. It takes a powerful message to knock some sense into us and I very much support this cause…

For the extended, even more powerful trailer, view this:



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