Lana Del Rey May Send You to Rehab

In I heard... on November 3, 2011 at 10:30 am

God this woman is good at looking like a 1960s pin-up/ trailer park fantasy.

Lana Del Rey graces the new cover of Wonderland magazine this month, making me want to grab my curling iron, buy a cream turtle neck and recline in a tacky garden chair on a fluffy retro carpet. While Lana-mania continues to spread like wildfire from the blogosphere to primetime television, I’m trying to get to grips with the fact that I’m going to be attending her gig in Paris this coming Monday.

I’ll be completely honest here and just come out and say what my problem is.

I, MessyNessy, am jealous.

That’s right. I’m totally and completely sick with jealousy of the new leading lady of indie music. She’s just so damn pretty, ironic, pouty and most importantly– she gets more Facebook Likes than I could ever dream of.

Within ten minutes of posting a photo or a quicky “I love you guys” on her fan page, Lana Del Rey can rack up to 500 Facebook Likes on average. What is that? Sometimes I even sign into my own mother’s Facebook account (that I created) to give one of my lonely articles a Facebook Like.

Clearly the Lana Del Rey-mania is evidence that hipsters are multiplying around the world at a faster rate than we anticipated. They’re forming some kind of Justin Bieber-style fan alliance to bring Lana Del Rey and her ironic lips into living rooms everywhere at an alarming rate.

My former “Girl Crush du Jour” has overnight turned into a breakthrough hipster sensation. She’s officially gone indie mainstream and left me, the little blogger that could, in the dust, with my one Facebook Like from Mum.

I should be proud of Lana, I should be preparing an “I love you Lana” poster with magic markers ahead of Monday’s gig. But I can’t find it in me to be anything but jealous of Lana’s perfect hair and her bajillion Facebook Likes.

Are YOU an original Lana Del Rey Fan, feeling blindsided, confused and left behind? Join the support group here by LIKING* my Facebook page.



And just in case you didn’t think this blog was weird enough already …

These creepy porcelain dolls and their graphic body parts have been popping up in arty magazines all over Paris (the French love boobies and vaginas in their art) so I thought it was about time I found out who the artist was and at the same time, grabbed your attention by showing you disturbing nudie photographs of enchanted dolls.

The Russian-born artist is Marina Bychova. I think it’s always more interesting to put a face to an art, so I’ve added her picture here too. In this case, it seems our artist has been modeling a few of her own features on these enchanted dolls. Notice any resemblance with the first doll?

Marina says of her work: “My need to work with dolls became evident as a calling when I was six years old. As a child I became painfully aware and appalled at the mediocrity and the uninspired dullness of mass-produced dolls.”

“A particular point of interest for me was not only the life-like articulation of the body, but also the beautiful balance between a delicate form and an extraordinary function of a doll.”

Her dolls are fascinatingly intricate and yet undeniably disturbing. Marina offers them to order (although she is not currently taking any new orders) along with bizarre customization options such as added tattoos, pubic hair or bites and wounds (slightly worrying).

The mixture of such graphic bodily detail, eroticism and a child’s porcelain doll, is wildly provocative.

What do you think of The Enchanted Dolls?


And now… A relatively normal topic…

Wine cellars.

I’m developing a curious fascination for them. I might have been living in France for too long or could it be, far more terrifyingly, a sign that I’m getting older? Developing an appreciation for things that file under ‘Home Improvements’?

Great snakes. This is a level of maturity and sophistication I’m in no way ready for.


More Art I’m “digging”.

To be quite honest, I like obvious art. And by obvious, I mean….

Obviously, it’s art. I don’t have to try differentiate between the work on display and the fire extinguisher in the corner.

Obviously, it took skill. This is not something your kid sister could come up with thanks to a few splatters of the paintbrush.

Obviously, it’s portraying something. Because nobody can convince me that a black square on a white background represents an erotic portrayal of a woman’s parted legs.

Japanese award winning artist Yuki Matsueda is obviously my kind of artist. His work is fun and recognizable while still being completely original and out-of-the-box (literally).

Original, serene and totally inoffensive, this series of works called Window Seat by Jim Darling captures that magic moment in air travel …

China’s renowned contemporary artist Xu Bing has worked on tobacco-related projects since his days at Duke  University at the turn of the millenium.

Since then, the imaginative artist has held three exhibitions known as Tobacco Project. This is his final project of the trilogy, 440-pound tiger rug made up of 500,000 cigarettes. Bing’s art sends an impacting message about the global trade of life-threatening product and the irony of subliminal seduction in its advertising.


And now let’s take the opportunity to wind down from all this serious art and culture babble with my personal selection of cute puppy videos…


Corgi puppy vs. Ice cube… gets me everytime.


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