D.I.Y Trend: Bleach the Crap out of Your Denim!

In I want... on November 7, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Bleach. Most of the time we’re afraid of the stuff. But now thanks to Dries Van Noten’s recent inspiration (below left), we can dunk our jeans like a big old donut into that bucket of bleach and voila; a new life for those old jeans you didn’t know what to do with.

There’s something about the white with the denim that feels oh so pure and simple…

Yep that’s right….

Bucket + Bleach + Dunking = New Trend.

Also seen…

D.I.Y Painted Trouser Tips!

Golly, this represents everything your mother never let you do as a child…

As demonstrated by those crafty little fashionistas at HonestlyWTF, you’ll need some fabric or acrylic craft paint, masking tape and a brush…



3 Unisex Winter Coat Styles

1. Bold Blazors

Above, PolitBuro; Below Cantarelli (suit makers for Ralph Lauren)


2. Penfield Down Jackets

Shop Penfield’s winter collection here

Shop women’s on Asos


3. Fur Collared “English Gentleman” Coat

From the Kooples

Teal coat with collar from Asos



Italian Grandparents are like SO on Trend

This cute little video was put together by Sicily’s first fashion outlet village which opened this fall. Marketing at its most charming!



The Girl with the Sunglasses

Meet Giorgina Tordini. She’s ridiculously beautiful, stylish, bla bla bla.

Okay, I’ll give it to her– she’s a finely crafted specimen of It girl.

You might also be thinking… From where oh where are those sunglasses she’s pimping?

New brand on the scene, Illestreva, with a celebrity following that could fill a bus (Gaga, Chung, Bosworth, Beyonce etc) are handmade in France with materials such as bamboo, wood, titanium and natural buffalo horn.



Support the Coze!

There’s nothing more appealing about winter style than the comf & cozy factor.

Boyfriend & Girlfriend Scarves

This winter, boyfriend and I are sharing/ stealing (whatever you want to call it) eachothers’ scarves…

So far no arguments!

Get cozy with Maison Scotch


Granny Knitted Me…

Free People

Nothing says comfort like knits that look homemade…

Isabel Marant




The Tweed Run in New York

This year, Ralph Lauren’s new label Rugby hosted New York’s first Tweed Run. Did the new Yorkers do better than the Londoners? See for yourself…



So When Can I Dress like Zorro’s Girlfriend and Not look like a Complete Tool?

All I want in life is to look like one of these magical Mexican bad ass heroines that fashion editorials keep drawing inspiration from. Okay, maybe it’s not my main priority in life but damnit I want one of those Zorro hats and I want one now!

Only problem is…where the hell do you wear an outfit like this?

Left: Maria Felix, Mexican film actress "La Dona"

Possible scenarios:

A) On a ranch in Mexico

B) Tequila night

C) To Taco Bell


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