That Procrastinating Friday Blog You’ve Been Hopelessly Longing For

In I spied... on November 11, 2011 at 10:40 am

This is the post where I share with you some of wonderfully random things I found this week, helping your Friday afternoon procrastination efforts to reach their full potential during office hours. So forget about that pesky impending doom taking hold of our economy as we speak, it’s Friday damnit!

5 DIY ideas to Make your Home even More Awesome this Weekend

1.  Bookshelf Bar

Listen up. Adding a bar to your pad need not be a huge swanky, costly hoo-haa. It need not even be a permanent installation. In fact is it not more sophisticated and chic to mélange your spirits with your literature? The two sort of go hand in hand in my opinion…

All you need is to clear a little space on your bookshelf, find some sort of tray, perhaps like these ones and fill it up with your favorite poisons, some authentic looking tumblers, maybe a cocktail shaker if you have one, a bowl of salted nuts and voila! Your bookshelf bar is complete.


2. Shabby Chic Flower Pots

There are so many more reasons to do this than to just save a few pennies. Mediterranean produce seems to come in the most charming of packaging– take note next time before you throw it out.


3. DIY Headboard

Two words. Steady hands!


4. DIY Wine Bottle Lamp

Maison Martin Margiela came up with a collection of these bottle lamps not long ago. If you have the three components, they’re actually extremely easy to put together yourself– no crazy wiring or drilling involved.

This project might catch your eye if you have a nice lamp shade in mind already or perhaps you’ve collected some old vintage wine bottles. Once you have both of these components, all you need is the Cork Stopper Lamp Kit. It’s costs only $12 and you can order it on Amazon.


5. Dip Tipped Cutlery

There’s the dip tipped hair trend, the dip tipped denim trend and now ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the dip tipped cutlery trend! The perfect way to liven up that hand-me-down cutlery set you’ve been given. Spray paint in a can will do the job, spraying fewer layers as you get to past the mid-point of the handle. Plenty of newspaper to avoid a disaster.


Hey! You can buy this bespoke, beautifully handcrafted but extremely useless luggage set

The leather used is traditional bridal leather of the best quality, every stitch is done by hand using the traditional technique of saddle stitching, but can you even get a pair of boots in there?

Williams British handmade set out to use regional historical craftsmanship and challenge the traditional to produce a collection of fashion artefacts. Nice to look at but would you be able to travel in such extreme style?

Click here to view full collection

My infinity pool is better than yours.

Well this just makes you feel sick doesn’t it?

 As part of the Ubdub Hanging Gardens Hotel, this newly-built Infinity Pool is a large multi-leveled swimming pool that overlooks a lush rain forest– and a bleedin’ ancient temple on the opposite hill. The pool was designed to emulate the graceful curves of the nearby landscape and sun decks join up with the pool on both levels and meet up with 38 private pool villas. Well, it’s a good thing I’ve got a great deal down at my local public pool … so I can go and drown myself in it.

Inspiration to Clean up Your Room

If this isn’t motivation to tidy up that pig-sty of a room, I don’t know what it! Swiss artist Ursus Wehrli is releasing a new book on The Art of Clean Up, where he takes everyday scenes of disorder and rearranges them into neat rows, sorted by different attributes such as color, size, shape. Or even men, women and children as seen in my favorite is the scene below. It’s as if a giant has come along and re-organized a lawn full of towels and people!

Ahoy there, Chef!

 I’m not terribly interested in kitchens but this sailor’s kitchen is … well, pretty interesting. German design company Alno has released this beautifully crafted unit called the Marecucina embracing a maritime theme with its nautical shape and wood finishing.

Mesmerizing Wall Art

Art and music duo Supakitch and Koralie make free-hand painting look like a walk in the park. Their mind-blowing skill is demonstrated in their newest mural, Euphoria, which was made for the Metroplastique exhibition in Paris. Check it out and remember to close your mouth when it’s done!

And the Most Awesome Weekend Activity Ever is…

A Swiss group of co-workers decided to suspend themselves in a hot tub from the 600 foot high Gueuroz Bridge in Switzerland last month. Those  wacky Swiss! In fact these guys have been organizing their “extreme jacuzzis” for 10 years and have scaled 4572m summits in the Alps and Andes in their hunt for the perfect hot-tub experience. See more here.

And without further ado, I couldn’t finish my Rebecca Black themed Friday blog without a nod to the star herself. ENJOY!


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