I’m in One of those Vintage Moods Again

In I am... on November 24, 2011 at 6:09 pm

Yes I love fantasizing about the good old days. Sure, as a woman I technically wouldn’t have had the right to vote and Facebook status updates didn’t exist back then but there was certainly a charm about an era where iPhones didn’t spontaneously combust on airplanes (additional reading). For example, take these vintage magazine tears which send out the message to us ol’ gals that we can’t get fat enough … and that well quite frankly, being skinny only leads to a lonely life without friends. Hmmm, where do I subscribe…?

The Best Advice You’ll Ever Get from an Advertisement…


High School Hippie Dream Girls

A sort of high school campus ‘street style’ pictorial I dug up from a 1969 issue of LIFE magazine shows us that we* (everyone born after the 80s) are basically the most boring generation. Ever.


Strangely Fascinating Infomercials for Spectacles and Swimming Hats


  1. once again, yet another awesome post!

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