It’s my Blog and I’ll do a Wedding post if I Want to

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Fine. I’m no blogging expert on weddings– there are plenty of websites for that if you’re looking for some serious advice on planning here, here and here. I do know however, that Bella’s bridal dress from Twighlight: Breaking Dawn, part 1 (or maybe part 2? I’m not sure) is available to buy for $799 (vampire groom not included). I can also share with you what getting married on a tightrope looks like…

(total attention seekers)

Tightrope weddings aside however, what I most certainly know about planning the big day is that unless you’re Kim Kardashian, looking for chic and traditional ways to piss away $100K+ on a party is a bad, bad idea.

But of course, at this point you’re wondering why the hell I’m writing a post about weddings (other than the fact that “wedding inspiration” is a huge keyword search on Google). Personally I’m not falling over myself at the prospect of actually getting married just yet– that whole legal obligation to share responsibilities– Ha!

But I do like the idea of a throwing a party celebrating (mostly) me and the dress I’m wearing…

A little while ago, I came across some wedding photos (while stalking someone’s Facebook profile I didn’t actually know) and instantly thought that it looked like the best party I’d never been to. Since then I’ve developed a peculiar habit of bookmarking cute wedding snapshots whenever I stumble upon them on Flickr or other websites where people leave their photos for strangers like me to steal. Eventually I realized that I was compiling some kind of wedding scrapbook.

I mean, what IS that?

Well, as with most of the embarrassing things that I think and do, it always ends up on my blog for all to see. And as much as I risk ruining my street cred, losing a few male readers after this post or even terrifying my own boyfriend with all the wedding imagery (I’m sure he’ll be fine), I’ve realized that I can’t be the only girl secretly collecting little inspirations and ideas for her wedding day as she goes through life…

When and if you find the stomach to get married, do it somewhere familiar like your backyard. DIY and makeshift wherever possible and for heaven’s sake, make sure there’s a punch bowl….

The Cheap Bride

It’s my blog and I’ll be immature if I Want to 

  1. Damn you messy! Have you broken into my top secret wedding file???

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