Starved of a Realistic Female Body Image? Flesh & Curves this way…

In I am... on December 29, 2011 at 9:20 am

Hi there. Don’t be shy, yes that’s a boobie and a curvy waist you just saw, we’re going to be looking at a lot of those in a moment.

For a few minutes today, I thought I’d give you a little time-out from what we’re used to being brainwashed with exposed to all over the world wide web, in magazines, on billboards on your way to work, and give your mind (male or female) a little refresher of what life was like before this ↓ kind of thing became the norm …

(sorry if this offends anyone but this is the reality of what we’re dealing with)

Take a close look at this diagram from the 16th century that shows the ideal symmetric shape of a woman …

Look, she has round, curvy hips…

and now lets take a look at soft boobies, tummies and bottom galore…

In the age of enlightenment, the ideal woman was round, curvaceous and plump, often exaggeratedly so.

It was a symbol of prosperity

health and fertility.

“Your navel is like a round goblet Which never lacks mixed wine; Your belly is like a heap of wheat fenced about with lilies.”

-Song of Solomon

This passage is part of a love song from the Old Testament.

“My beauty as the spring doth yearly grow; My flesh is soft and plump, my marrow burning”.

-from Venus and Adonis, by William Shakespeare

Kind of refreshing isn’t it?

This healthy aesthetic was still going strong well into the 20th century …

but then came this…

and then this…

until this ↓ was a distant memory

Today, a body type that less than 5% of women around the world actually have, is the only one we ever see.

Is anyone else bored?

Out of 3 million people, only 8 will fit the mold of what we consider ‘supermodel’ today.

If you weren’t born with this body type, trying to make yourself look like this is about as easy as trying to make yourself taller.

If we were exposed to a more relevant body image on a regular basis …


wouldn’t we all be just that little bit more confident and happier about our own bodies?

Ladies … AND Gentlemen

What would YOU rather be looking at? Hungry for something a little more interesting?

(the hyper-sexualisation of women in advertising is obviously a whole separate can of worms which I’ve touched upon here as well…)

Why Dieting totally and absolutely sucks

What happens when you play with natural beauty

  1. It’s really interesting how most of us young women look at beauty compared to what is actually healthy and what 90% of women look like from nature. Pretty hard to meet fashion industry standards as an average Jane 🙂

    Love your blog, keep it up 🙂

    • Thanks Jane 🙂 … Yeah it would take a lot of time sadly to change thé ideals of beauty back to what it was before … May not happen in our lifetime. The fashion industry needs a new generation of people behind it .
      But simple style will always win over fashion trends no matter what shape you are… x

  2. Great post! You have it going on, girl, both beauty and brains!

  3. I love Marilyn in these pictures! she looks so happy and vivacious.

    I love your blog so much I’m passing the Liebster Blog Award to you!

    -Bianca at

  4. i think it is wrong to say that bigger is healthier, what is healthy depends on every single persons body type. If you are naturally skinny then that is who you are and vise versa. To say that people would rather be looking at bigger girls is rude to naturally skinny girls.

    All women are beautiful , no matter what their size. Tastes range from person to person.

    You should not do articles that discriminate against anyone in particular, just to make yourself and others feel better about themselves.

    In the age of enlightenment, the ideal woman was round, curvaceous and plump, often exaggeratedly so.

    I’m sure you wouldn’t have posted the above quotation if it was about how skinny is “ideal”
    every skinny comment about the fashion industry is then followed by a negative point.

    Models are models because they are beautiful amazing individual beings. Yes this is not how the average female looks, but you wouldn’t hire a lawyer to fix your toilet.

    Beauty comes in all forms, you posting the similarity between a model and holocaust victim is just downright horrible. MAYBE you need to make yourself happier and more confident , and stop putting other females down ( like the models you picture on here ) to make yourself feel better. How do you think THEY would feel by reading this.

    • One little article promoting women of a different size and look how much it bothers you! Imagine being bombarded with only that one type of size all the time, whenever you pick up a magazine, walk past billboards at bus stops, watch television, all the while feeling that this must be the size that is associated with being beautiful. You might get a tad fed up right? My point is not to say which is better or worse but to promote a more diverse image in the media. The paintings of round women were a tactic to remind us of how little we see anything other than the standard size zero model figure, to the point where it’s shocking for us to see a little roll of tummy fat on a woman.

      I do however stand by my choice to use that picture you found ‘horrible’ because the use of girls suffering from eating disorders in the modeling industry is a well-known, widely publicized problem and it’s no secret.
      Models can be amazing, healthy individuals, I wouldn’t argue with you there, but as I’ve said, their genetics are pretty rare in the first place. And then sadly, and madly, certain influences in the industry pressure a LOT of them to be even thinner than they are naturally. It’s a sad fact that not just a few but many girls in the modelling industry are starving for their livelihood. This unhealthy lifestyle is then being sold as something desirable and largely attainable to other young/ impressionable girls all over the world. The industry has taken measures to stamp this out but it’s still pretty much everywhere and they just haven’t done enough to diversify their models. If this article or that photo hit a nerve with girls suffering from eating disorders, I’ve done my job. This article was for the women who have suffered from years of eating disorders, my friends and readers who have even written to me thanking me for addressing this subject in this way.
      I didn’t write this to make myself feel better, I’m not fat and never have been, I think it would be irresponsible to address these kinds of subjects if I was not a healthy person both physically and mentally myself. I’ve just noticed that I’m seeing too much of the same woman in the magazines I pick up. It’s always the same look, often in extreme forms and so fashion mags have lost my interest, they’ve become tiresome. I enjoy seeing vintage fashion photos from the 50s and 60s, to also see a slightly different kind of woman.

      My article concluded with a photo of Marylin Monroe because her body type represents the average size of the majority of women in society today. She’s not too fat, not too thin, just in the middle there. Wouldn’t that be a little more reasonable to see a bit more of in the media, so that women on both sides of the scale don’t feel alienated or feel the need to resort to extremes?

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