Is Dolly Parton the way forward for Hipsters?

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It’s a well documented concern that hipsters are running out of ideas of how to differentiate themselves from the average joe these days. And so as I happened to be stumbling upon a gallery of Dolly Parton’s fashion choices today, it made me wonder. Most of the style that made neo-hipsters ‘hip’ was actually the kind of style that we used to look at and laugh, choke or even gag over. So who says Dolly Parton-esque sequins, embellished lace suits and waxy wigs aren’t the way forward?

Can you really be sure that hipster fashion won’t bring our society to a higher level of tacky than ever imaginable? You might also ask yourself why, despite the obvious case of fashion diarrhea that this woman is clearly suffering from, has Dolly Parton always managed to escape fashion criticism?

“I modeled my looks on the town tramp,” Dolly says of her look. “”You’d be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap!”

You see! Intentional irony; planting the impression that she doesn’t give a flying rhinestone what anyone thinks. Classic hipster mentality.

And don’t pretend you aren’t eyeing her pastel suits (is it so wrong?).

Well that’s it then. I’m calling it. Dolly Parton style (she really does need her own style genre) is the inevitable path of evolution for hipsters.

Can’t wait.

I’ll leave you with what is my opinion of Dolly’s greatest contribution to music, Jolene. 

(Don’t be surprised if you hear this song comes on in some hipster bar).

The French took on Weight Watchers and made it look all chic and stylish

Weight Watchers or any kind of diet advertisements for that matter, are among the most eye-roll inducing adverts out their in my humble opinion. But ofcourse, zi French take zi diet and make it look très chic. Okay so they may have hired infamous British photographer/ Dazed & Confused magazine founder Rankin as the visual mastermind behind this very stylish Weight Watchers commercial in France … but details schmetails! Voila the French version of Weight Watchers. They did it. They made Weight Watchers, the naff weight-loss club, look mouth-wateringly chic.

Um Excuse me … someone should probably go ahead and check me into this ski heaven right now.

Certain inconsiderate friends (they know who they are) have taken to posting snaps on Facebook from their ski adventures in what looks like the magical backyard belonging to Santa Claus himself. With the Alps being part of their own soil, there is also a noticeable trend that develops here amongst Parisians at this time of year when everyone tends to whine about how much they long to ski. So I thought I’d join in. Just look at that powdery snow, look at it begging for me to roll ski down it after a fondue savoyarde.

Now take a gander at the Whitepod Hotel. Nestled in the Swiss Alps, this is the epitome of eco winter glamping. This hotel is comprised of 15 geodesic domed pods, furnished with a modern Alphine aesthetic and overlooking Lake Geneva. Guests have access to 3 private ski lifts which can be operated 24 hours a day upon request and 7 kilometers of exclusive trails.

For such a unique experience, the prices are not as bad as you would think either.

Yup, this is a pretty awesome staircase.

To be found at the Musee Gustave Moreau. Where else than in Paris of course.

p.s. Did you hear about the guy campaigning to ban the use of the word ‘awesome’ in Los Angeles? I dedicate this awesome little segment to him.

Only Mr. Chow understands how much I love Chinese Food

I recently celebrated my birthday at my favorite Chinese local restaurant; decor stuck in the seventies and all you can eat dumplings– the best in Paris (say I). It was my best birthday to date and even though my restaurant doesn’t exactly match up in Michelin stars to Mr.Chow’s empire, I thought he explained just perfectly, why Chinese cuisine is so damn special.

Meet my Mr.Chow …

If you’re in Paris and you’re in the mood for a great Chinese, head to:

Au Pays de Sourire, 32 rue de Bièvre, 75005 Paris, 01 43 26 15 69.

Special Peking dumpling nights are Thursday and Sunday!

10 Things to Do Before You Die/ Kick the Bucket


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