Today’s Special: Monday Night Mess

In I spied... on January 16, 2012 at 6:54 pm

Busy Monday?

Thought so.

Tuck into my totally unstructured, messy Monday night blog especially for you to loosen up that hard-working little brain. Sorry I didn’t mean to say your brain is little. I meant it in an endearing way. You know.

3 Easy DIY past times for a quiet Monday Night in.

1. Leather biker fringe keyring 



2. Carrot French Fries (gluten free)

Monday nights always tend to be one of the comfort food evenings.

Fancy trying your hand at something healthier?

It’s this easy: olive oil, carrots and salt and bake! Check the recipe for details if you’re really picky!


3. Prepare something special for entertaining at the upcoming weekend …

Any questions on that, click here.


Bonus idea for impressing your dinner guests: 

Cowboy & Indian ♥

I couldn’t forget about this street style snap I stumbled upon earlier today. Perhaps it’s the plaid with the navajo print. Perhaps it’s just her.

The Dumping Ground that Became a Protected Paradise

In 1949, Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California , was the site of an unrestricted dump. For 18 years, people drove out to the scenic expanse of ocean cliffs, marveled at the beauty of the natural world and the majesty of the depths, and then threw all their shit in.

Eventually, California realized that dumping automobiles, toxic stuff and shards of glass into the water was probably a bad idea, and went looking elsewhere for a dumping site. The beaches under the cliffs lay polluted, cluttered and ruined, and were basically treated as a forgotten ‘mistake.’

Despite our obviously brilliant handling of the situation, Mother Earth had a few tricks up her sleeve, and spent the next 30 years tumbling away the jagged edges of our insensitivity and leaving behind brilliant pebbles of polished glass. As the shores grew into glimmering beaches, the state realized that people were visiting to collect the glass and to see the rainbow sands reflecting the sun, and quickly annexed it into a national park.

The result? We finished up what nature graciously started, spent a few years cleaning up rusting metal hulks and all sorts of wonderfully dangerous debris, and Glass Beach is now a protected treasure. Voila. Bucket list addition or what?

iPhone app of the Week

Hah. I’m talking like I do some kind of weekly review of iPhone apps. Whatever. This app is perfect for those situations where you take a really great group shot and you look totally awesome but your friend looks like they’re about to regurgitate dinner. Behold …


Photo story of the Week: Happy at 100

It’s my birthday month and as much as I hate to admit it, it’s prompted me to wonder about get old more than usual. I came across … (or did I subconsciously seek them out? I’m not entirely sure)… these portraits taken by German photographer, Karsten Thormaehlenare. They’re very sharp and detailed, clearly showing every wrinkle (and twinkle) present in the subjects’ faces. Funnily enough, they also make me smile.

Born 1907

Born 1908

Born 1910

Born 1903

A peak into the future

(available in store next month)

Let’s just take a moment to acknowledge how cool Elvis really was.

Lord, I need a room with bunkbeds.

D.I.Y Trend: Bleach the Crap out of Your Denim.


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