Is it Friday Yet?

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Admit it. On Friday, you skip the shower. But who’s judging? Not me.

Have a great weekend readers and stick a fork in everything you can.

If you need me, I’ll be praying at the altar of Brazil.

Adrien Brody, William Dafoe, Gary Oldman do Prada. Should quit their day jobs.

I love it when I do double takes. I was doing a check-up on the Sartorialist who’s not surprisingly photographing Men’s Fashion Week in Florence, when I scanned passed his shots from the Prada Winter show. I stopped on what I was sure was Adrien Brody (a huge crush of mine), then saw William Dafoe and finally Gary Oldman. What a way to spice up a fashion show by throwing in some seriously class actors with bags of personal style to the line up. Bravo Prada.

(Ugh, I sounded like a fashion blogger for a second there).

Easy peasy orange squeezy

(you’d have to be a really dumb not to figure this out) DIY Candles

Basically the secret to this discovery is that the the little string connecting to the outer stem (called the pith) actually acts as the candle’s wick. Who knew? If you dip it in a little olive oil, it can burn for up to several hours. A great idea for a dinner party that will make your guests think you’re one of those arty-farty, creative bohemian types. Yay. Check the tutorial…


Miniature Pothole Gardener reminds Londoners how shitty their roads are.

Lovers of all things miniature = my kind of people.

Steve Wheen originally started the Pothole Gardener project as part of a university course. He later turned it into a blog that documents his gardening achievements around East London.

He speaks:

“part art project, part labour of love, part experiment, part mission to highlight how s*** our roads are – the pictures and gardens are supposed to put smiles on peoples faces and alert them to potholes!”


For just one second, can we pretend that RVs are Cool.

Okay it may look like a bull dog on road with a bad under bite but just give it a chance would ya. The futuristic luxury RV (Recreational Vehicle) from Marchi Mobile is 38-foot-long, 13.5-foot-tall and boasts around 500 square feet of usable interior area, making it larger than some apartments. And for the cherry on top, at the push of a single button, a large “sky bar” rises from the top of the vehicle for a good ol’ ‘drink till you black out’ under the stars.

That was bad taste perhaps.

I’ve been thinking for a little while now that it would be cool to take a holiday in an RV. I know all those Disney movies ruined it for us as kids and that they made family camping trips in large caravans look like sheer hell. But we’re adults now. I’m thinking an RV could be the answer to the greatest road trip of all time. Who’s with me! (Note: Rhetorical question).

I bet you’ll look twice at this chair.

This upholstered illusion designed by Alessandra Baldereschi is the first time I’ve taken an interest in lawn furniture. Trust me, I’m more excited about it than I sound. Using lines typically seen on your favorite living room chair, the designer makes us believe we’re looking at a plush, comfy chair when it’s really all an illusion.

Wow, you’d have to be really stupid though to actually have thought it was a plush living room chair.

The armchair will set you back €480 while the smaller café chairs are €240.


This is what it looks like when women throw themselves at men.

This is great. Making literal of the expression “women throwing themselves at men”, photographer Lilly McElroy went from bar to bar in her native Arizona, asking random men to take part in her project.  If they joined in, she bought them a drink afterwards.


Totally kidding!

The thing is, it may seem exaggerated to some, but for those that have witnessed other women ‘throwing themselves at men’, this kind of image is pretty much all that comes to mind.


…and another expression taken literally

I could eat a horse. 

Love it. Just thought I’d share this cheeky spaghetti measuring tool with you.

Speaking of eating …

Cake in a Jar

I know, I know, I’m bad for your health.

Recipe here.

Thank Goddess it’s Friday



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