Hipsters infiltrate Disney World and other news.

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Disney World is no place for hipsters; a hipster-free zone … at least that’s what one would think. Its employees live under notoriously strict grooming regulations that would make it virtually impossible for anything hip to survive. Until now.

In a revolutionary announcement this week, Disney World announced that they would be loosening their longstanding employee regulations and allow their company members to indulge in facial hair trends. And what makes a job chasing out-of-control kids around an amusement park all day that much better? Doing it with a hipster beard of course.

One employee shares his delight: “I think that a little bit of individuality between the cast members is not a bad thing. I think that people can have facial hair and still be beautiful, clean cut and wholesome.”

You see words like individuality being thrown around there? It can only mean one thing. Hipsters have infiltrated Disneyland … or Disneyworld. What the hell is the difference between the two anyway?

Prince Eric from My Little Mermaid. The future of Disney?

We should have seen it coming. Their ironic obsession with Disney characters on their clothes, in their internet memes. They were planning this all along.

One concerned Dad visiting the amusement park with his family had this to say of the policy change. “The clean look makes them more approachable and less scary for the kids, and it’s a better example as well.”

I think what this nice man is trying to say is that no parent in their right mind would typically let their kids near people that fit this description…

On a lighter note, do enjoy these slightly over-sexed hipster interpretations of Disney Princesses I’ve added via deviantart

 Nostalgia has arrived.

I don’t know whether this makes me a really obnoxious person or not but I think this product is truly brilliant. Let me explain.

As a very serious writer, that recites what I’m writing in a very serious and well-articulated voice in my head as I type (like they do in the movies), I’ve always dreamt of vigorously tapping away on a typewriter, furiously tearing away each page, pausing only to stare intensely into the distance. But of course, sadly I’m not living in a pre-Steve Jobbs era.

Thanks to this latest discovery however, my make-believe nostalgic world is all but impossible again. An iPad typewriter — the USB Typewriter – really does exist and it lets you gleefully drink in a pre-”word processor” nostalgia. All that while reaping the benefits of the modern world. And that my friends, is a wonderful thing.

As you can tell by the image, you can use these beautiful traditional typewriters as keyboards for any USB-capable computer, such as a PC, Mac, and even iPads.

Here is the cheesy infomercial.

These babies are being sold on Etsy and I’m afraid you have to be really dedicated to your retro desires because prices start from around $600.

There is also an alternative DIY typewriter conversion kit which provides you with all the necessary tools to convert a typewriter you might have collecting dust in the attic for MAC, PC or IPAD use. Of course you’d need to be good with wiring and soldering– (level: genius). This option sets you back $74.

7 Books that were actually published.

It’s Official. The DailyMail is making us all stupid.

Recently released figures show that the Daily Mail, the worst thing to happen to mankind, has  unseated the New York Times to become the newspaper with the biggest online reach in the world. Numbers for the British tabloid reached 45.3 million people last December, beating the Times’s 44.8 million. An equally stupid publication, the USA Today comes in third, followed by the Tribune newspapers, and finally the Guardian. The Daily Mail’s growth according to editor and publisher of the Mail’s online properties, Martin Clarke, is thanks to a recent surge in U.S. traffic.

“We just do news that people want to read,” said Clarke. He cited the paper’s middle-class roots and its “Fleet Street heritage” as the source of its “entertaining, engaging way with clear, concise, straightforward copy and lots of good pictures.”

When was the last time you went on a real adventure?

The Escalator was once a mindless Amusement Park ride.

The first escalators completely blew people’s minds. Nothing remotely similar had ever been seen before. Jesse W. Reno patented his idea for an “Endless Conveyor or Elevator” (later called the “inclined elevator”) in 1892, and by 1896 the first working example had been installed…as a ride at the popular Coney Island amusement park.

It differed from modern elevators in that you sat on slats rather than stood on stairs, but the general principle was the same. The belt moved the riders up about two stories at a 25 degree incline. It was only displayed at the park for two weeks, but in that short time an astonishing 75,000 people rode it.

The same prototype was moved to the Brooklyn Bridge for a month-long trial period. It remained popular there, and in 1900 was shipped to Europe and displayed at the Paris Exposition Universelle, where it won first prize. Shortly thereafter, the Otis Company bought Reno’s patent and started producing escalators for businesses.

The novelty and excitement of riding an escalator was such that in 1897, the first department store in New York City to install one, Frederick Loeser, actually included it in its advertisements, promising customers that they could reach the second floor in a mere 26 seconds!

But while these escalators were very popular, they all had something in common: They only went up. It took the public and businesses almost three decades to accept that the far more frightening down escalators were safe to use.

via The Brooklyn Museum

Do you happen to like both Pandas and post-apocalyptic films?

Then you’re in luck.

Near extinct dog breed needs your help.

You might have noticed that I’m a fan of dogs. Man’s best friend, I say. Today I’d like to bring to your attention a dog breed called the English Setter, which as of this year, is a near-extinct breed.

Only 234 English Setter puppies were registered last year – a drop of 33 per cent on 2010 – and numbers have declined by almost two thirds in the past decade. A breed is deemed to be at risk of extinction when it numbers less than 300 puppy registrations each year.

So while everyone else is out following celebrity dog trends, I’d like to introduce you to a now rare breed of dogs which needs your help. Perhaps you’re in the early stages of considering a new addition to the family.

It is known for being gentle, calm and affectionate as well as being friendly with children. As a gun dog it is bred for a mix of endurance and athleticism.

If we’re going to talk about looks, I think the English setter has a beautifully exotic look about him with his unusual wild tri-color fur. For people who have owned an English Setter, they are known to be the perfect dog.

Spread the word.

Food Porn du Jour

Because I’m not yet done torturing you with my food pictures, here is a chocolate cupcake stuffed with an Oreo and a Peanut Butter cup topped off with Oreo peanut butter buttercream!

Why am I having Hipster Problems?


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