Cool Kids du Jour

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The Literati: A Tale of Three Cities

When I need my fix of Britishness in Paris, I don’t look much further than these guys…

Hosts of a buzzing book club with cocktails and dancing all night at places you can’t normally talk your way into, this group of bright young things dart between London, Paris and Berlin peddling their very own literary & arts magazine. Well, they’re hardly peddling actually. With names like I-D magazine supporting them, Soho House hosting them, Colette and Agnès B selling their magazine for them, it’s up, up and away for this mix of ambitious young creatives.

Q: So what’s the golden ticket into a Tale of Three Cities?

A: That old book collecting dust on your shelf.

Being ‘tight’ with the door girl at Soho House or the bouncer of Le Carmen doesn’t cut it with these guys. No book, no entry amigos.

Swap Hemingway for Jackie Collins to break the ice– the rest could be a tale for the grandchildren…

I hardly intend to turn all their hard work into a cliché, but the Tale of Three Cities book clubs do have an indecent amount of beautiful and brilliant people attending. Singles this way! It had to be said.

Go along, see what it’s all about, get to know the gang running the whole shebang– they’re not a bad-looking bunch themselves. Pick up a copy of the magazine, a beautiful journal that you’ll be proud to keep close to you.

When is their next book club in London/Paris/Berlin? Keep up to date with the latest news & events on their Facebook page.

Find out more about the team/ contributing to the magazine/ ordering a magazine on the website.

Photos via A Tale of Three Cities and Un Quelqu’un d’Autre

The Artiste: King Charles

He has beehive hair to rival the late Amy Winehouse and dare I say, his songwriting might be reminiscent of The Beatles. (Don’t hit me).

In early 2010, King Charles won the prestigious International Songwriting Competition with a unanimous vote by a panel of industry heavyweights including Kings of Leon, Timbaland and Jerry Lee Lewis.

I call him an ‘artiste’ because he’s got that “live by my music” kind of air about him– slightly mad and yet slightly genius. The guitar, piano and cello-playing King Charles is always in character, dressed head to toe as a dandy cavalier– but of course with a vagabond hipster twist. The west London-born former choir boy is all set to go with a new album recorded in Hollywood, backed by a US record label Universal Republic, set for release this Spring.

With uber indie acts like Lana Del Rey gaining huge notoriety at the moment, he’s one to watch. Not that you could forget his name anyway.

King Charles Facebook page

The Fashion Activists: Twins for Peace

Their philosophy is very simple. If you buy a pair of their shoes, they will match it by donating one pair to a child in need.

As soon as you put on these shoes, you become a TWINS ambassador, raising awareness for extreme poverty, a worldwide problem we must all share.

Founded in 2009 by twin brothers from Paris and their childhood friend, these folks personally deliver the shoes to orphanages and aid programs. For each “second pair” to be given to children, the friends work with the communities to have the shoes made locally, making their donations sustainable but more importantly, creating jobs and fueling the immediate area’s economy at the same time.

Each collection is inspired by their humanitarian projects in various locations around the world. For example, the drool-worthy beaded Twins LY Perles collection seen above (available Spring 2012), were inspired by their 2010 shoe project in Mozambique. See the team in action …

Since launching, the team of friends have gone from strength to strength and today TWINS has worldwide distribution, selling their shoes on ASOS, at Harvey Nichols and ofcourse in their native Paris at Colette. With their success, came a thirst to do even more for the children that they had encountered on their various humanitarian visits. In partnership with SOS Enfant, TWINS now also donates medical supplies, school tuition, books and supplies to children living in impoverished countries.

It’s not everyday you come across a fashion brand that gives back so directly. An example to us all.


The Actrice: Felicity Jones

I came across Felicity in her major breakout role Like Crazy and was instantly taken by her. She was so natural. And then I learnt that the entire film was in fact improvised. Every word she spoke in the film was made up by Felicity herself.

“The takes are often a half an hour long”, Felicity told Interview Magazine, “You may do 10 to 15 takes…you speak a lot, and there’s a nervousness.”

Felicity actually auditioned for the movie role in the shower. Unconventional, but it obviously worked. She won the Grand Jury Prize for her role at the Sundance Festival, where the film was picked up by Paramount. Her next film is Hysteria, a true story about a man called Mortimer Granville, an Englishman who invented the vibrator.

However, let’s not beat around the bush. The lady is gorgeous and she’s basically my girl crush du jour, but she’s also a wonderful actress. Go see the film before the media turns her into that over-talked about new ‘it’ girl.

Who are your cool kids du jour?

Girl Crush du Jour: Bip Ling


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